Russian Man with knife in his back walks out of hospital to smoke [Graphic Image]

A 34-year-old Russian man identified only as Vladmir Egorov walked out of a hospital’s accident and emergency department with a knife embedded deep into his back.

Vladmir Egorov
Vladmir Egorov

When he was being undressed, he told hospital staff he had “something to do” and began walking outside with the knife. According to reports, he was injured in a drunken brawl. The Paramedics had only managed to dress his wound and didn’t take out the knife.


However, Vladmir was told to by the hospital staff to go back inside, he refused saying he said he wanted to get some cigarettes.

But when the doctor said to him:

You are about to die

Vladmir quickly returned back inside.

A nurse filmed Vladmir in his underwear with the knife in his back going for a smoke.


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