See Simi’s Classy Reply To Troll Who Said Her Voice Is Annoying

Nigerian singer, Simi gave a classy reply to a troll who inferred that her voice is annoying.

7he troll asked her, “Why is your voice annoying?”

In reply, Simi said, ‘Doesn’t annoy me. Makes me money and that makes you mad

Simi replies troll who said her voice is annoying

Also in the news is Simi’s take on the current wave of depression.

A follower asked her what she thinks about the current wave of depression.

She said:

It’s scary and sad. Especially 4 young men. The struggle to keep up. The fear of failure. The desperate desire for validation. Very scary. I hope that we can let people know it’s ok to share and lean on someone when things get too heavy,”


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