Stop Propaganda on Job Creation, You Are Producing Empty People, Auwal Tells FG

Auwal says FG must improve education to produce productive individuals.

Laments that lecturers don’t give much attention to what they teach.

The Executive Director of Civil Society Legislative Advocacy Centre (CISLAC), Auwal Ibrahim Musa, told the federal government to stop propaganda on job creation.

Auwal, who is also known as Rafsanjani in an interview with Daily Post said the quality of graduates from the higher institutions will determine the types of jobs to be provided.

“Before you talk about job creation, you have to talk about the quality of people that we also produce from the University.

“Many Nigerians who are qualified to get admission into universities, because their parents don’t have money to pay bribe, don’t get admitted.

“Secondly, every now and then, the universities are on strike because the government is not able to provide them with good facilities and equipment.

Auwal who is also the Chair/National Contact of Transparency International (Nigeria) noted that lecturers don’t give much attention to what they teach, adding that they spend little time in the school and go out to seek other means as a source of income to complement their means of livelihood.

“You are actually producing empty people.”

The chairman of Zero Corruption Coalition (ZCC) also pointed that many Nigerian graduates within the last 20 years were not able to get a ality education because of the bastardised sector.

“Many come out of the universities with idleness. Unfortunately, some public officials have used the nature of propaganda to say they are creating jobs.

“Millions of Nigerians that we know are idle. There are neither jobs nor job opportunities and when there are job opportunities, they only share it among themselves and their family relatives.

“The new development now is that they now sell public jobs. Such people who pay for jobs cannot be expected to be productive. Many people even lost their lives in the process of recruiting them. If you encourage impunity, there is no way you can encourage job creation. What is happening is deceit. The government must stop the propaganda about job creation.”

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Speaking on the solution to the problem, he said first, the federal government need to improve on the quality of education if they want real productivity.

“That’s the only way issues of job creation and performance can be addressed. We can’t keep employing people who will remain redundant. Such things don’t happen in the private sector.

“We need to make job recruitment very competitive and attractive. Workers also need good remuneration. There should also be diversification of economy. When private sector is performing, there will be less concentration on government jobs,” he said.

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