Teenage Jihadi bride, Shamima Bagum plans to return to the UK after joining ISIS | UK reacts

An ISIS bride named Shamima Begum plans to return to the UK after she fled her London home to join ISIS in Syria in 2015.

Shamima Bagum before joining ISIS

iDONSABI.com gathered that Shamima Bagum is bent on returning to the UK for the sake of her third child who she had with an ISIS terrorist. The baby was born over the weekend.

Watch video below:

In an earlier statement by the fearless ISIS bride, she was seen in a video saying she doesn’t regret joining ISIS neither does she mind the beheadings by the ISIS terror group.

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A Photograph of Shamima Bagum and her child

Despite the fact that Bagum’s child is entitled to return to the UK as a British citizen, the London Metropolitan Police Chief, Cressida Dick has threatened fire and brimstone should Shamima Bagum return to the UK.

She says Baguma should expect to be spoken to by the police should she return to the UK.

It is obvious that the UK considers Baguma a threat as the Police chief further revealed that the counter-terrorist police would be on ground to confront and probably arrest her should she return.

In her words:

The counter-terrorism police officers will ‘deal with whatever they are confronted with’ if Begum returns to the UK. 

If she does, under whatever circumstances, arrive at our borders somebody in her type of circumstances could expect, of course, to be spoken to and if there is the appropriate necessity, to be potentially arrested and certainly investigated.


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