There is no constitution that says Pres. Buhari must address Nigerians – Lauretta Onochie

– Pres. Buhari Social Media Aide, Lauretta Onochie has stated that there is no constitution that says the Pres. must address Nigerians

– She stated that Nigerians are always took quick to draw comparison between the African country and America when there is a change

The Social Media Aide to Pres. Muhammadu Buhari, Lauretta Onochie in a latest statement has responded to reactions from some Nigerians over the President not given a speech during the inauguration for his second term which took place on May 29th.

Lauretta Onochie while defending the President’s action stressed that Pres. Muhammdu Buhari had candidly spoken to the people of the country a day prior to the inauguration in a special interview on NTA.

She revealed that he would speak on June 12, which is the Democracy Day.

The Social Media aide however made it known that Pres. Buhari can choose where and how to address Nigerians as there is no constitution that says he must address Nigerians.

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Below is a full statement she released,

Dear Wailers,

1. Pres. Muhammadu Buharu, spoke to Nigerians, candidly, a day before the Inauguration. I believe he will speak again on Democracy day. He chooses when and how to communicate to Nigerians. There’s nowhere in our constitution where it says the days he must address Nigerians.

2. As with other world leaders, he can also choose to use the Social Media to communicate to Nigerians. We are quick to draw comparisons with America and the West, but we do not insist that our lawmakers earn same as their lawmakers earn or support our government the way they do.

3. I do not know when Nigeria became an extension of America. Any time there’s a small change to how we do things, the Landlords and their cronies throw a tantrum. There’ll be more changes to the ways we do things. Nigerians voted for change. And change they will have. Thank you.

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