Top 10 Best Tokunbo Cars in Nigeria

Getting a brand new car is not a very common thing in most parts of Nigeria. This is mostly because of the price tag attached to brand new cars. The inability of lots of Nigerians to get brand new cars does not however deter them from getting fairly used cars popularly known as tokunbo cars in Nigeria.

Tokunbo cars are known to sometimes be as cheap as half the price of their brand new counterparts. This therefore makes them very affordable by Nigerians. If you’re going to buy a good tokunbo car in Nigeria, a lot of things need to be looked out for. Some of them are; car mileage, engine condition and physical condition of the car.

This article contains the 10 best tokunbo cars to buy in Nigeria. They are;

Honda Accord

This is probably Honda’s most celebrated car. In addition to being one of Honda’s best selling cars in Nigeria, it is one of the most prestigious non-luxury sedans in Nigeria.

With very good routine maintenance, the Honda accord can go on after reaching 300,000 mileage. This attribute makes it one of the best tokunbo cars in Nigeria.

Although the accord develops gear transmission issues, the gear box can be easily changed because of its cheap and available spare parts.

Toyota Corolla

The Corolla is Toyota’s best-selling car of all time. Although it is not the most preferred Toyota model in Nigeria, it is one of the best tokunbo cars that can be gotten in Nigeria. Due to the fact that the Corolla has been around for a very long time, there are lots of fairly used models available. The availability of lots of fairly used corollas has made it quite cheap.

In addition to the price of a fairly used corolla, a corolla can function properly at a mileage of 250,000. This therefore means you can always enjoy your car even if you buy one with a mileage close to 100,000.

Toyota Camry

The Camry usually comes with a very good engine and design. It is very fuel efficient and easy to maintain. All this attributes combine to make it one of the best tokunbo cars that can be gotten in Nigeria.

There are lots of mechanics that can fix the Camry if it develops any fault. Therefore, you do not have to worry about how to fix your car. Finally, this car can function well at a mileage of way above 200,000.

Volkswagen Jetta

The Volkswagen Jetta is very durable and relatively cheap. This sedan is the perfect car for Nigerian roads. Therefore, with consideration of the state of roads in Nigeria and the price of this vehicle, it is worthy of patronage by anyone that wants to buy a tokunbo car.

This car also can get to the 150,000 mileage mark if you take your routine maintenance seriously. If you want to get the best out of your Volkswagen Jetta after buying it, then you should get yourself a mechanic. Also ensure you avoid skipping routine maintenance.

Toyota Sienna

Toyota Sienna is the perfect car for a family of more than five. This car is very sturdy, durable and can be easily maintained. It is also possesses a very fuel efficient engine. One major prove of its quality is its constant use by public transporters.

Although the Sienna has a carrying capacity that is much more than that of most sedans, it is within their price range. This makes it very affordable for what it offers. If maintained properly, the Toyota Sienna can function well at above 300,000 mileage.

Nissan Maxima

The Nissan Maxima is a lovely sedan that comes with a beautiful design. Just like other Nissan models it is sturdy and very cheap to maintain. This car can be bought for a cheap price as compared to more popular sedans like the Camry and Accord. Although it might not be placed in the same class with this popular sedans by the public, it is a very reliable product and can work well even after getting to the 300,000 mileage if properly maintained.

With about   a very good quality fairly used Nissan Maxima can be gotten

Nissan Pathfinder

The pathfinder is another quality product from Nissan that is perfect for Nigerian roads. If you want to have access to where ever you want without thinking of if your car can make it through, a Nissan Pathfinder will be perfect for you.

This car can be gotten for about a million naira and is very non-expensive to maintain. With the basic maintenance procedures, your Nissan Pathfinder can be in top shape even after reaching the 250,000 mileage mark.

Toyota Highlander

At the moment, this is the most widely purchased Toyota Sports Utility Vehicle. It provides a very comfortable ride. Although it cannot be characterized as a luxury vehicle, it is definitely not in the same class with the average sedan. This car is built to keep its rider from the effect of bumpy Nigerian roads. If you are looking to get a car that will offer you some level of social class and is at the same time very economical, the Toyota Highlander is the car to go for. Unlike most other Sports Utility Vehicles in its class, the Toyota Highlander is very fuel efficient.

This car sometimes comes with three rows, thereby making it perfect for a family of more than five.

Toyota Avalon

The Toyota Avalon is a break from the norm of more regular sedans. It is roomy in addition to providing its rider with some class. If you are not willing to drive a car that can be afforded by everyone but still want an easily maintained car, then you can go for the Toyota Avalon.

Lexus Es330

The Lexus is known to be the luxurious version of the Toyota. Lexus Es330 is a truly classy ride which stands out from other sedans both in price and quality. Its leather interior makes it top notch.

When purchasing a tokunbo car in Nigeria, it is very expedient to go with a trusted mechanic. This is because only a mechanic can truly tell what state the car is in both in engine and body.

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