Full List of Tribes in Delta State Nigeria

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Oil rich Delta state is one of the states in south-south Nigeria. This state was created in 1991 and is also known for fishing in addition to its oil deposits. Delta state is made up of a few tribes which can be mistaken as one tribe by non-indigenes of Delta state.

Below are the tribes in Delta state.

Ijaw Tribe

The Ijaw tribe is the biggest tribe in the riverine part of Nigeria. They are found not just in Delta both also in Bayelsa, Rivers and parts of Ondo. The Ijaw tribe is the most influencial tribe in the riverine part of Nigeria. They are also known to have a violent history. A number of tribes in delta are sub-tribes under the Ijaw tribe. As a result of being born and bred close to many rivers, the Ijaws are very good swimmers.

The ijaw people are Christians and are majorly fishermen. They love alcohol and also a meal of fish and plantain. The dress code of this tribe includes wrappers and heavy cloaks with hats to match.

Isoko Tribe

The isoko people are one of the most recognized tribes in Delta state. They occupy present day warri. This tribe is a tribe known for its musical and comical prowess. Over time, lots of musicians and comedians that are well known in Nigeria have emernated from this tribe.

The people of isoko have a violent history and also share a lot in common with tribes of neigbouring Rivers state.

Christianity is majorly practised by indigenes of this tribe. Also, farming and fishing are the major occupations of the Isoko people. The people of Isoko feed on starch and Banga soup.

Urhobo Tribe

This tribe is one of the most known tribes in Delta state. The Urhobo people speak the urhobo language. There are 24 sub-groups under the Urhobo tribe. This tribe has a population of about 2million people. They share boundaries with the people of Ijaw at the south, the people of Ukwuani at the north east, Isoko at the southeast, Itsekiri at the west, and edo to the north.

People from this tribe are Christians. Also fishing and farming are the major occupation. Urhobo people feed on starch and Banga soup.

Itsekiri Tribe

The itsekiri people are one of the major tribes in the Niger delta. This tribe has a population of over a million people. They occupy three local government areas in Delta state. These are: Warri south, Warri north and Warri south west local government areas. The itsekiri people are known for their musical and comical prowess. They have some of the funniest people in Nigeria.

The average itsekiri indigene is a fisherman and a Christian. Their mode of dressing is just like the mode of dressing in other parts of the riverine area. They love meals of starch and Banga soup.

 Ukwani Tribe

The Ukwani people occupy the Eastern part of delta state. They have a lot of similarities with neighboring tribes. This people are predominantly Christians and have fishing and farming as their major occupation. They are known to feed on starch and Banga soup just like neighboring tribes.

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6 thoughts on “Full List of Tribes in Delta State Nigeria

  • November 12, 2019 at 11:44 pm

    I am looking for a friend that I worked with back in 1969. He told me he was of the Robo tribe. I can not find the tribe but the closest is Rubu. We worked together in Warri and he was raised not far from there. His last name is Emonuso, of course I might have misspelled the last name also. I have tried facebook with no success. Any info will be deeply appreciated

    • April 13, 2021 at 10:37 am

      The tribe you are talking about now is Urhobo tribe.
      thank you

  • March 7, 2020 at 9:41 am

    You mention ‘Ukwuani tribe’? What about ‘Ndokwa tribe’? You are but just one of the persons who have vigorously tried and keep on trying since the end of the Biafra war to remove or cut off Ukwuani, Ndokwa, even Agbor from their Igbo brothers in the rest of Delta and east of the River Niger through planting these false seeds that tend to divide the Igbo tribe and nation. Simple tests you must answer. Were Ukwuani, Ndokwa and Agbor members or not of Ibo Union before the war? If yes, what has made them no longer part or member of ‘Ibo’? What language do they speak or bear in names? What do they call God in ‘Ukwuani tribe’ language? Please for goodness sake, it is good that you learn that there is something called accents in various languages. Ukwuani accent is as far away from other Igbo accents just as other Igbo accents are far away from it. If this does not help, please go into Igbo Benin history and read up about the Arochukwi man, Eze Chime and his sojourn to Benin.

    • July 27, 2020 at 11:52 am

      On the issue of tribe in Delta , it must be of note that Ukuani people does not belong to the Igbo extraction ,we are distinctive on our own. That they look alike doesn’t make it the same

  • June 29, 2021 at 8:51 pm

    You did not include Agbor or ika and Aniochas so are they not tribes in Delta again


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