Uber Driver Assaults Female Passenger With A Whip For Questioning Him

A Twitter user identified as @eziinnee narrated her and friend’s experience with an Uber driver who ended up assaulting her friend.

When they got to their destination in Ikeja, the driver parked in an area where one of them was unable to come down because of the water log. This led to an argument and the driver brought out a Koboko which he used on the girl.

The victim has now reported the man to Uber and to the police.

Read The Full Story Below:

“So today my friend ordered a ride to ikeja,at the start we had zero issues with him until we got to ikeja that’s when wahala started.

“We got to ikeja first he complained that he couldn’t enter the street cause it was too narrow,after initially taking a wrong destination.

“Where he tried to park was covered with water so I said we couldn’t come down cus i sat in front. My friend behind wasn’t paying attention and she simply asked him why he was going far that we already said we’ll walk.

“He flared up and started abusing her,he parked in the middle of the road and started dragging her down,screaming that she’s useless and mannerless.

“This man brought out a freaking horse whip to flog my friend !! Why tf do you have koboko in your freaking car ???? ARE YOU PSYCHO???????”

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