Why Won’t You Reissue Certificate If You Can Reissue to Buhari With Doubtful Status? Omokri Asks WAEC

  • Reno tells Buhari not to blame PDP, Jonathan for his problems.
  • Says Boko Haram now kills more under him.

Reno Omokri, a former media aide to former president Goodluck Jonathan has lambasted the West African Examination Council (WAEC) for saying that certificate won’t be reissued to holders who suffer a loss of theirs due to fire, or misplacement.

The examination body had said that it will only reissue an attestation certificate after the applicant meet certain conditions.

Reacting via a statement, he asked: “how can WAEC say they don’t reissue lost certificates? Did they not reissue a certificate to Buhari, a man of doubtful certificate status?

“If Buhari can get reissued a certificate then WAEC has no loci to deny other Nigerians a reissue of lost certificates.”

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Speaking on the formation of cabinet members by the president, Omokri told Buhari not to blame Jonathan or the opposition party, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) on any economic issue.

“Buhari has not formed his cabinet 4 months after winning a rigged election and 3 weeks after being sworn in for a 2nd term. Yet, when asked why the economy is tanking, he will blame PDP and GEJ.

“How can a car be without a driver for 3 weeks and not crash?

“Same people who blamed Jonathan for Boko Haram attacks are the same folk who ask for patience when Boko Haram strikes under Buhari.

“Same people who protested when Jonathan named UNILAG after Abiola are same folk praising Buhari for naming a dilapidated stadium after Abiola.”

Speaking on the current appointments by the president, Omokri, a staunch critic of the ruling government lambasted the president for appointing core northers to all the top security posts, adding that Boko Haram insurgent now kills more than during the regime of Jonathan.

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“The same men who accused Jonathan of tribalism for appointing an Ijaw man NSA are the same men rationalising why the entire 10 intelligence/law enforcement agencies in Nigeria and the heads of the Executive, Legislature and Judiciary are headed by Northern Muslim men.

“Boko Haram now kills more people than they did under GEJ. Bandits kill more people than they did under GEJ. Fuel subsidy is higher than it was under GEJ. According to Transparency, Nigeria is now more corrupt than in 2015.

“So, what did we gain with Buhari?” he asked.

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