“You Ungrateful Fool” – Toke Makinwa Leaks Her Chat With Yomi Black, Blasts Him

Media personality, Toke Makinwa slams actor Yomi Black after he called her out, daring her to reveal how she affords her lifestyle.

Read>>> “I Dare Toke Makinwa To Openly Show How She Can Afford Her Lifestyle” – Actor Yomi Black

Reacting to his post, Toke Makinwa shared her chat with the actor where he called her an inspiration. She revealed how she’s helped him with projects and he never paid back and how she has supported him with her platform.

This world we live in is strange, I have messages from you like this one. I would usually look away cos you are not the first but Yomi, you ungrateful fool, I have worked with you on projects with only a promise of “I”ll pay you back when we find sponsors,” which you never did, and I let it go.”

I have stuck my neck out for you when stylists, designers and the likes wanted your head on a platter cos you made them work without pay, when all you had was a dream. I was willing to support you with my platform, I have fed cast and crew on your shameless sham of a set and you have the nerve to come for me????”

She also disclosed that the actor asked her for free TM Bags for his products placement but she declined hence his reason for being angry.

She wrote;

I have receipts of how much of a loser you are but I’ll leave this one here, you asked for free TM bags for a product placement on your production which I turned down cos I’m sorry your platform does nothing for me, and I am running a business. I asked you to pay for it and you got mad, you’ve always taken but never given to anyone, who have you helped???”

Read her full post below;

Toke Makinwa Toke Makinwa

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