The 10 Arsenal All Time Top Scorers

Arsenal is one of the best teams in English Premier League. Arsenal has the record of being the only top-flight team to have never suffered relegation since being promoted to the top flight. Here we are going Arsenal all time top scorers, it is them who have made Arsenal the great club that it is today.

Thierry Henry 228 Matches, (377) Appearances

The history of Arsenal will never be complete without the mention of this man’s name. Thierry Henry is perhaps the best thing to have happened to Arsenal at a certain time.  He was part of the invincible squad that had the 49 matches unbeaten run. He was Arsenal’s top goal scorer for seven consecutive seasons. And Henry has broken and created so many records in his time at Arsenal.  Apart from having the most goals scored, he also has the highest premier league goals, and most UEFA Champions League Goals.

Ian Wright 185 Matches, (288) Appearances

Ian right played from 91 -98, just one year before Thiery Henry joined Arsenal, he left. He held the record for Arsenal’s highest goal scorer for 8 years until Henry broke it. The English man still holds the record for the most League cup goals with 29 goals. While at Arsenal, the 54-year-old won the Premier League Trophy and also European cup winners’ cup.

Arsenal All time top scorersCliff Bastin 178 Matches, (396) Appearances

Cliff holds the record for the most FA cup goal scored by an Arsenal player. Bastin is Arsenal’s third highest goalscorer of all time. At a time though he was number 1 Arsenal’s top goal scorer of all time from 1939 -1997, this was until Ian Wright broke Bastin’s record. Bastin is an English man; he started as a winger but would be moved to centre-forward later.  Bastin died at the age of 79, in 1991; he died as Arsenal’s top goal scorer.

John Radford 149 Matches, (481) Appearances

John Radford was promoted to the Arsenal senior team from its feeder’s team, just four years before he would be married. Radford played as a forward for Arsenal, both at the centre and at the flanks. He’s the youngest Arsenal player to score a hattrick, at the age of 17 years and 315 years, this was in 1965. His success at club level didn’t result too much for the national team as he was only able to earn two appearances for the three lions. At the moment he’s a sports analyst on Arsenal TV and also a tour guide of the Emirates stadium.

Jimmy Brain 139 Matches, (232) Appearances

Jimmy Brain was born in 1900 and was a professional footballer he played the forward position for Arsenal and other English club sides. Brain was an excellent goal scorer, and he’ll lead the Arsenal goalscoring charts for 4 years consecutively. He was amongst the first Arsenal players to play in the FA Cup, which they lost anyway. Jimmy Brain is the second on our list of Arsenal All-Time Scorers with the highest number of goals in a season with 35 goals. Brain left Arsenal in 1931 and played for four other teams before retiring. He died in 1971 at the age of 71.

Ted Drake 139 Matches, (184) Appearances

Ted Drake still holds the record for the highest goal scored as an Arsenal player in one season. He scored 44 goals.  He also holds the record for the most number of goals scored in a single match with 7 goals. This was in 1935 and the match was against Aston Villa, it ended 7 – 1.

Drake started his senior football career in a division two team, Southampton, and after having a very successful time at this team he moved to Arsenal in 1934. Drake also played for the English national team where he had six caps.

Doug Lishman 137 Matches, (244) Appearances

A terrific goal scorer, Doug Lishman was born in 1923 in England, and he joined Arsenal in 1948, spending 12 years there. He ended his career in division two Nottingham forest after helping them get promoted to division one. Lishman played as a centre-forward for Arsenal and played on one match for the English national team.  Lishman was top goalscorer in Arsenal for 5 seasons and helped Arsenal win the League trophy. Lish died in 1994 at the age of 71.

Robin Van Persie 132 Matches, (278) Appearances

Of all players on this list, Van Persie is still the only active footballer. Just a few days ago Van Persie scored his 300th career goal, and no it wasn’t for Arsenal. The goal was scored for his new club  Feyenoord.  Van Persie joined Arsenal in 2004 and left in 2012, but not until he had scored 132 goals for the club and had made 278 appearances. He also has the most premier league goals scored in a season with 30 goals; he shares this title with Thierry Henry.

Joe Hulme 125 Matches, (374) Appearances

Born in 1904 Joe Hulme was a professional footballer and also a cricketer. He’s the 9th on this list of Arsenal All Time Top Scorer highest goalscorers. Hulme was a very pacy forward with great ball control. He and Bastin made great attacking partnership on the opposite flanks. And this partnership will lead to Arsenal winning trophies. Joe Hulme left Arsenal in 1938 the same year he will also retire from football.

David Jack 124 Matches, (156) Appearances

David Jack is the oldest player on our list of top ten Arsenal All-Time Top Scorers. He was born in 1898 and moved to Arsenal record-breaking fee of £10, 0000. It was in fact double of the previous highest transfer fee and was also the first 5 digit transfer fee. This is to show you how good this guy was. And he lived up to expectation at Highbury. In his time as a footballer, David Jack created more records. He was the first player to be transferred twice for a record transfer fee at both times, and also one of the very few players to have scored a hundred goals for two top-flight clubs.


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