10 Most Used Car Brands in Nigeria

About 20 years ago, there were not many established car brands in Nigeria. In addition to this, only a certain class of people were able to afford cars in Nigeria. Quite interestingly, overtime, a lot has changed. There are now lots of car brands in the Nigerian market with every individual that earns a decent income left with the opportunity to purchase a car.

Due to the fact that every Nigerian now has hopes of getting a car, it will be just perfect to know the available cars and the most sought after cars in Nigeria. This article contains a list of the 10 most bought car brands in Nigeria. A knowledge of this, is certainly going to help you make a good choice.

Toyota toyta car

You do not need to be an expert at identifying cars to know that this car is most used car by Nigerians.  This very famous brand was established in 1924 and was introduced to Nigeria in 1965. This was done by RT Briscoe, Toyota’s only distributor in Nigeria at the time. The regular users of Toyota cars range from the very rich to those barely able to afford a car. Toyota has different cars for people from different classes. Some of them are as basic as the Camry and Corolla while some others are as luxurious and exotic as the Prado and Tundra

The incredibly large patronage of Toyota cars is due to its fuel efficiency, the availability of its parts and the ease with which it can be fixed and maintained.

Honda carHonda

It is not a surprise that this is next on the list, it is a brand that lots of Nigerians have fallen in love with. Honda unarguably offers you value for your money with each purchase. Although this car brand is not the most used car in Nigeria, it arguably enjoys more patronage in Northern Nigeria that the Toyota brand. The Honda brand appears to be in a healthy competition with the Toyota brand for the Nigerian market.

This car is manufactured by a Japanese company known as Honda motor Co. Over the years, Honda has come up with quite a number of models. Some of the most famous Honda models in Nigeria are Accord, Pilot, Civic, City and Cross tour.

KIAKia cars

This product is number three of this list, this car has not been in Nigeria for a long time, it has however become a very successful brand in the Nigerian Market. This car brand is a product of a South-Korean company and is one car brand that pays careful attention to making its cars environment friendly. Therefore, if you are a big activist of keeping the environment free from pollution, this is probably the most ideal car for you. It usually comes is a very attractive form.

This car brand is a relative of the Hyundai car brand. It is widely used because it is affordable and very efficient at conserving fuel.

Kia is usually bought by companies to be used as an official car.  Some of its most famous brands are the Picanto and Sorrento.

Hyundai logoHyundai

This Asian product is a very stylish car and well known for keeping up with the trend.  If you want to drive a brand that always keeps up with the trend in technology, Hyundai is the car for you. Hyundai’s level of success in Nigeria keeps it in the fourth position on this list. It is the fourth most used car brand in Nigeria just behind Toyota, Honda and kia. Unlike other car brands such as Toyota, BMW and Honda, this car comes in very unbelievable shapes. This helps it maintain a beautiful appearance.

Mercedes Benzmercedis logo

Karl Benz is the credited founder of the Mercedes Benz. This German machine is well known for its balance, speed and durability. This car is a perfect blend of luxury and efficiency. It appears the Benz is the dream car of every young Nigerian man.

Mercedes Benz is mostly driven by people of a certain financial status. This is as a result of the amount needed to maintain it in addition to the cost of purchasing it.

This car is the only luxury car to have a position in the top five used cars by Nigerians. This simply means it has won the heart of Nigerians and is well patronized irrespective of its cost.

Nissannissan car

This is a brand that is known by almost every Nigerian. It is cheap and relatively easy to maintain. Some of its most popular models are Sunny, Primera, Altima, Murano and Pathfinder.


Founded on the 28th of May, 1937, the Volkswagen is one of the most durable vehicles to grace Nigerian roads. It first became popular with the introduction of the beetle model. This model was one of the best selling cars in Nigeria when it was in vogue. Other popular models of Volkswagen are Bora, Passat and the Bug.

This car is a near perfect blend of durability, comfort and affordability. Volkswagen means people’s car, and just as the name implies, this car was built with the average income earners in mind.


BMW stands for Bayerische Motoren Werke, which when translated to English means Bavarian Motor Works. This car is regarded as a perfect German machine because of its durability and capability. It is a luxury vehicle built for the elite class. It is not a car for the average Nigerian because of the cost of purchasing it and the high cost of maintenance. BMW is an idea car for balance and speed.

Range RoverLand Rover

Save the Jeep Brand, the Land-rover is the oldest Sports Utility brand. It is the company in charge of the production of Range rovers. Although not many people use land rovers in Nigeria, the Range rover model is widely used by Nigerians. Most people seem interested in using the Range-rover because of the perceived class it gives them.

chevrolet carsChevrolet

This is the only American car that makes this list. Chevrolet is sub-brand under the General American Motors.  It was first manufactured in 1911 and introduced into the Nigerian Market much later. Although this car is not very economical because of the unavailability of its parts, it is quite cheap.


This list makes it obvious that most Nigerians patronize Asian technology ahead of German cars and American cars. Although Asian cars offer the least comfort, they are very economical easy to maintain.


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