20 Thoughtful Birthday Gift Ideas For Your Boyfriend

That special day is around the corner and you want to make sure that the guy in your life feels it, here are a few ideas just in case you’ve hit a wall about the perfect birthday gift for that special person. Choose something unique that he will never forget about.

A Hoodie

This is not for you to take back few days later, but something about hoodies just scream manly. Get him a unique one with maybe his nickname or your pet name for him printed at the back.

A Scrap Book

This will contain all the memorable moments you guys have had together. I know nothing can take away the cellphone pictures but it is just thoughtful if it could be made story-like.

A Video

Make a video of what he means to you and get friends to input as well. Add hilarious pictures to make it memorable and fun.


Men’s shoes can be very expensive but it is worth it. Save up a good amount and get a nice sneakers from a known brand and he will cherish it forever.

Wireless Speakers

If your boyfriend is a music lover, get him a speaker that he can enjoy music anywhere he goes. Let him let his neighbours know just how much he loves music; you will be ever proud.


Most guys are highly in love with great smelling colognes. Why not get him a selection of masculine colognes? Just make sure you know his taste in colognes before buying. You could also go for big names; guys like that kinda thing.

Grooming Kit

Get him those fancy like grooming kit even if he doesn’t have beards he would grow them just for you. Make him look and smell nice as well, plus his bathroom will look all fancy.

Leather Work Bag

You know, that type that looks like a messenger bag or even the suit case looking leather bag. For those busy meeting days, or when he has an interview or even a big presentation, this will come in handy.

A DIY Picture Frame

This might be tricky to make but if he is worth it you will find am way. I mean, there is google and Youtube there to help you out.

A box of his favourite pastry

This could be the preamble to another gift as well but it depends on you. If he has a sweet tooth indulge him.

Cook his favourite meal

This is one of the sweetest gestures ever. It also shows how well you know him. You can choose from a wide array of Nigerian foods. Just make sure it is the right meal!

Take him out on a date

It is usually always the guy’s duty specified to take the lady out. This time switch it up. Take him to his favourite spot and treat him to a nice date all expense on you.


Enjoy a day in nature’s habitat with a nice picnic packed, while you spend a nice time in the sun as well. There are nice parks that might have animal roaming which could be a nice touch.

New game

If he is a gamer, find out that new game he’s wanted for months but couldn’t just spare cash to get it. This will be perfect to show him you care about his hobbies as well.

Take him to the Beach

If you live in Lagos then this will be easier.There are different spots to hang out and have a good time in Lagos. There will be food, drinks and music available.

Bake him a cake

This would seem like an easy one if you are a baker, but that’s not meant for them. If you have never touched an oven in your life on that special day try it to and it will be great. Might not be pretty or edible, but great nonetheless. You can use our cake guide to get started on the right foot.

Make him a playlist

Again, this can accompany another give on the list as well. If you know his taste in music which you should, make a CD or playlist from old to modern and he will play it everyday forever.

Personalised mug

You have a sweet message you want him to always remember? Write it on a mug and give it to him.

Men accessories

If he is the type that really fancies accessories like a bracelet, personalise one with his name and the day you met and you might just melt his heart.


This is the ultimate answer. If he likes to control what he wants to get or he has everything on the list already, then give him a reasonable amount of money to buy whatever he wants.

If you don’t have the cash for all these, you could just send him heartfelt birthday messages for every hour of his birthday. Ideas like this will ensure that you don’t go into that birthday moment unprepared.


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