Alan Shearer Slams Newcastle For Letting Benitez Go

Rafael Benitez will be on his way out of Newcatsle United when his contract expires on 30 June says a statement by the Magpies.

The Magpies finished 13th on the Premier League standings last term with Benitez having helped them secure top-flight football in 2017/2018 season with a Championship title.

According to a statement by the club, Newcastle have been unable to reach am agreement with the Spanish gaffer and are now in search for a successor.

Unsurprisingly, Newcastle and Premier League legend, Alan Shearer like most other Newcastle fans has expressed his utmost disgust at the disappointing news spelling it as “a shambles and a travesty”.

Alan Shearer says Benitez alone is worth 10 to 15 points to Newcastle suggesting he would be missed at the St. James Park.

The English man fears that a relegation battle could soon be on the cards for the Magpies with some baffling decisions by the management of the club who are supposed to have the club’s interest at heart.

“Like every Newcastle fan, I am devastated Rafa Benitez is leaving the club,” the Newcastle legend told The Sun.

“It is desperately sad news and a massive blow — and it is ridiculous it has to come to this.

“Newcastle were fortunate enough to have a world-class manager who was doing a very good job and they have just allowed him to walk away for nothing.

He said he former Liverpool manager was absolutely brilliant at the club but has completely lost faith in those he works for, an usual occurrence under owner Mike Ashley. He went on to say that Newcastle fans will not be bought over by propaganda that Benitez turned down an improved wage and a higher summer spending sum.

“He has been brilliant but he has completely lost trust in those he is working for, which is not the first time that has happened at Newcastle under owner Mike Ashley.

“You will see the propaganda come out from Newcastle in the next few days — we offered him this and that, we said he could have so many millions to spend.

“But as fans we know the truth. It has happened too many times at the club.”

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