Basketmouth set to release new film, ‘The Exorcism of Alu’

Basketmouth is set to release his first feature film, a horror movie. The official trailer is to be revealed tomorrow with Silverbird releasing a snippet of the video. The film is titled ‘The Exorcism of Alu’ and is up for official release by January 15.

Bright Okpocha, ‘Basketmouth’, announced this on his official Instagram handle sharing a scary poster of the movie. He then made it known that the movie will start showing in the cinemas from January 15th.

In his post, the comedian said he had been working on the project for six years and that it was by far the most challenging project he has ever undertaken. The project was kept low key because everyone I had informed about the project at hand had doubted my ability to pull it off, he maintained.

The movie would feature Sound Sultan, Tevez Houston, Winona Crawford, Rekiya Yusuf, Jamie Whitehouse among others.

Basketmouth will join the crew of other comedians who have also gone into movie production. Albeit this genre is relatively new for Nigerian producers, he would still have a lot to learn from fellow comedians in Ayo Makun (AY) and Julius Agwu.


The comedian isn’t new to showbiz and has his foot in the right direction on this one. The 40-year-old has already appeared in the Africa magic show ‘My flatmates’ (2016) where he is the lead actor.

Flatmates is a comic sitcom that features some of Nigeria’s comedians such as Buchi, Okey, Bakassi, Wofai Dada, Emmanuel Ikubese and Wofai Dada. It airs on weekdays at 6:30pm on Africa Magic Showcase.

He is a recipient of the National Comedy awards (2005 and 2006) having conquered the comedy world. He also received the Pan African Comedian award in 2018.

Basketmouth has previously shared his intentions of running for presidency. He vowed to run for Presidency if Donald Trump became President of the United States.

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