Best Yoruba Names for Boys and their Meanings

Yoruba people have a lot of beautiful names for their baby boys. These names are of different types. There are natural names that a child is said to bring from heaven, traditional names for praising the child in form of Yoruba poetry based on his lineage and then the regular or modern names.

Natural/ Destiny Names (Oruko Amutorunwa)

These are names that some specific children are believed to have brought from heaven due to some circumstances surrounding their birth. For example, twin children are automatically called Taiwo and Kehinde. Also a child who was born with the umbilical cord around his neck is called Aina. A child born with natural dreads is called Dada and so on.

Traditional/ Praise Names (Oruko Oriki)

This type of Yoruba names are also called Oruko Oriki. They are usually fashioned so that a child can be praised by people or his parents in the traditional way using Oriki (a form of poetry usually starting with this name) and based on the child’s ancestral compound/ lineage. Examples of Oruko Oriki includes Asake, Amoke, Amoo, Akangbe and so on. Almost all Yorubas have an Oruko Oriki besides their normal names.

Regular/Modern Names

Finally there are the modern or the regular Yoruba names. The one you are most likely looking out for here. They are those coined by people themselves in Yoruba language.
Check out some beautiful Yoruba names for your baby boys as well as their meanings.

Beautiful Yoruba Names for Boys and their Meanings

Regular Yoruba Names for Boys

  1. Name– Abayomioluwanikoje

Short Form– Yomi/ Abayomi

Meaning– I would have been mocked but for God

  1. Name- Aboyede

Short Form– Boye

Meaning- The one that comes with chieftaincy title

  1. Name– Abolaji

Short Form– Bolaji

Meaning– The one that wakes with wealth

  1. Name- Adelowo

Short Form– Ade/ Lowo

Meaning- Crown has honour Name- Aboyede

  1. Name- Abiodun (Unisex)

Short Form– Abbey

Meaning- One born on during a festive season

  1. Name– Abiola (Unisex)

Short Form– Abbey

Meaning- One born into wealth

  1. Name– Abiade (Unisex)

Short Form– Abbey

Meaning– Born into a royal /crown family

  1. Name – Abifoluwa

Short Form– Abby / Bifolu

Meaning– Born for God

  1. Name – Adeboboye

Short Form– Ade/ Boboye/ Bobo

Meaning– Crown comes into chieftaincy title

  1. Name – Adewole

Short Form– Ade/ Wole

Meaning– Crown/ Royalty has entered our household
  1. Name – Abitoluwa

Short Form– Bitolu/ Tolu

Meaning– Born for God

  1. Name – Adeoluwa

Short Form– Ade/Olu/ Deolu

Meaning– Crown of God

  1. Name – Abimbola

Short Form– Abbey / Bimbo

Meaning– One born together with wealth

  1. Name – Adekunle

Short Form– Ade/ Kunle

Meaning– Home filled with crown/royalty

  1. Name – Adenrele

Short Form– Ade/ Denrele

Meaning– The crown is going home

  1. Name – Adetokunbo

Short Form– Ade/ Tokunbo

Meaning– The crown has arrived from abroad ( for children born outside the country)

  1. Name – Adeyemi

Short Form– Ade/ Yemi

Meaning– The crown fits me

  1. Name – Ademola

Short Form– Ade/ Demola

Meaning– The crown goes with wealth

  1. Name – Adewunmi

Short Form– Wunmi, Dewunmi

Meaning– I like the crown

  1. Name – Adebayo

Short Form–  Bayo/ Ade

Meaning– Crown meets joy

  1. Name – Adeleke

Short Form– Leke/ Ade

Meaning– Crown prevails

  1. Name – Ademide

Short Form– Mide/ Ade

Meaning– My crown has come

  1. Name – Akorede

Short Form– Kore/ Korede

Meaning– The one that brings wealth

  1. Name – Ayooluwa

Short Form– Ayo

Meaning– Joy of God

  1. Name – Ayobimitan

Short Form–  Ayo

Meaning– Joy birthed me

  1. Name – Ayodele

Short Form–  Ayo/Dele

Meaning– Joy is home

  1. Name – Araoluwa

Short Form–  Ara

Meaning– Wonder of the Lord

  1. Name – Ayomikun

Short Form–  Ayo

Meaning– My joy is filled

  1. Name – Ademide

Short Form– Mide/ Ade

Meaning– My crown has come

  1. Name – Ayoola

Short Form– Ayo/Ola

Meaning– Joy of wealth

  1. Name – Ayomipe

Short Form– Ayo

Meaning– My joy is complete

  1. Name – Ayobami

Short Form– Ayo/ Bami

Meaning– My Joy has reached me

  1. Name – Adedotun

Short Form– Dotun/ Ade

Meaning– Crown has turned new

  1. Name – Akinolu

Short Form– Akin/ Olu

Meaning– God’s conqueror

  1. Name – Akinlolu

Short Form– Akin/ Lolu

Meaning– God is a conqueror

  1. Name – Akinkunmi

Short Form– Kunmi/ Akin

Meaning– Valour/Warrior has joined me

  1. Name – Adelaja

Short Form– Laja/Ade

Meaning– The crown has settled the fight

  1. Name – Adedolapo

Short Form– Dolapo/ Ade

Meaning– The crown has mixed the wealth

  1. Name – Ayotunde

Short Form– Ayo/Tunde

Meaning– Joy has come again

  1. Name – Ayomide

Short Form– Ayo/ Mide

Meaning– My joy has arrived

  1. Name – Bangbola

Short Form– Gbola

Meaning– Bring me wealth

  1. Name – Bamigbade

Short Form– Gbade

Meaning– Bring me crown

  1. Name – Bamigbola

Short Form– Gbola/ Bami

Meaning– Bring me wealth

  1. Name – Bayode

Short Form– Bayo

Meaning– One who comes with wealth

  1. Name – Bamidele

Short Form– Dele/ Bami

Meaning– Come home with me

  1. Name – Bolarinwa

Short Form– Bola

Meaning– Walk here with wealth

  1. Name – Bamigbade

Short Form– Gbade

Meaning– Bring me the crown

  1. Name – Boluwatife

Short Form– Bolu/ Tife

Meaning– The way the lord wants

  1. Name – Gbolagade

Short Form– Gbola/ Gade

Meaning– Place the wealth on the crown

  1. Name – Diekololaoluwa

Short Form– Diekola

Meaning– The wealth of God is not little

  1. Name – Enitan

Short Form– Eni

Meaning– One with tales

  1. Name – Eniobafe

Short Form– Eni/ Enioba

Meaning– The one the king wants

  1. Name – Eyitope

Short Form– Tope

Meaning– This is enough to be grateful for

  1. Name – Eyitemi

Short Form– Temi

Meaning– This is mine

  1. Name – Eyitayo

Short Form– Tayo

Meaning– This is enough cause for joy

  1. Name – Eyitomi

Short Form– Tomi

Meaning– This is enough for me

  1. Name – Ifedayo

Short Form– Ife/ Dayo

Meaning– Love has turned to joy

  1. Name – Ifeoluwa

Short Form– Ife/ Ifeolu

Meaning– Love of God

  1. Name – Inioluwa

Short Form– Ini

Meaning– Gods belonging

  1. Name – Ilerioluwa

Short Form– Ileri

Meaning– Gods Promise

  1. Name – Ibikunle

Short Form– Kunle

Meaning– Lots of births in the house

  1. Name – Ibiyemi

Short Form– Yemi

Meaning– Birth suits me

  1. Name – Mobolaji

Short Form– Bolaji

Meaning– I wake with wealth

  1. Name – Momoreoluwa

Short Form– Momore

Meaning– I recognise the grace of God

  1. Name – Mosadioluwa

Short Form– Mosadi

Meaning– I run to God for cover

  1. Name – Morayooluwa

Short Form– Morayo

Meaning– I see the joy of God

  1. Name – Moyinoluwa

Short Form– Moyin

Meaning– I praise God

  1. Name – Oluwabankole

Short Form– Bankole

Meaning– God has built me a home

  1. Name – Olasupo

Short Form– Supo

Meaning– Wealth has come together

  1. Name – Oluwaseyi

Short Form– Seyi/ Olu

Meaning– God made this

  1. Name – Oluwafolajinmi

Short Form– Fola/ Jinmi/ Olu

Meaning– God blessed me with wealth

  1. Name – Oluwasegun

Short Form– Segun/Olu

Meaning– God conquered

  1. Name – Oluwapamilerin

Short Form– Pamilerin/ Olu

Meaning– God made me laugh

  1. Name – Oluwajomiloju

Short Form– Jomiloju/ Jomi/ Olu/ Joju

Meaning– I am in awe of God/ God surprised me

Name – Oluwagbohunmi

Short Form– Gbohunmi

Meaning– God heard my voice

  1. Name – Oluwadurotimi

Short Form– Durotimi/ Duro/ Olu

Meaning– God stayed with me

  1. Name – Obaloluwa

Short Form– Oba/ Obalolu

Meaning– God is King

  1. Name – Oladele

Short Form– Ola/ Dele/ Ladele

Meaning– Wealth is home

  1. Name – Oladipupo

Short Form– Ola/ Ladi/Dipupo/Oladipo

Meaning– Wealth has become plenty

  1. Name – Olakunmi

Short Form– Ola/ Kunmi

Meaning– Wealth has joined me

  1. Name – Oladimeji

Short Form– Dimeji/ Ola

Meaning– Wealth has doubled

  1. Name – Olamide

Short Form– Ola/ Mide/ Olami

Meaning– My wealth has come

  1. Name – Olamiposi

Short Form– Posi/ Olamipo

Meaning– My wealth has increased

  1. Name – Oloyede

Short Form– Oloye

Meaning– The chief has arrived

  1. Name – Omololu

Short Form– Lolu

Meaning– Child is the unltimate/ Child is God

  1. Name – Olajimi

Short Form– Jimi/ Ola

Meaning– Wealth gifted me

  1. Name – Olujimi

Short Form– Olu /Jimi

Meaning– Gog gifted me

  1. Name – Olatomi

Short Form– Ola/ Tomi

Meaning– Wealth is enough for me

  1. Name – Olufemi/ Oluwafemi

Short Form– Olu/ Femi

Meaning– God loves me

  1. Name – Oluwafifehansimi

Short Form– Fife/ Olu

Meaning– God showed love to me

  1. Name – Oluwaferanmi

Short Form– Feranmi

Meaning– God likes me

  1. Name – Oluwagbotemi

Short Form– Gbotemi/ Olu./ Temi

Meaning– God heard me

  1. Name – Oluwarotimi

Short Form– Rotimi/ Olu

Meaning– God stays with me/ God stands by me

  1. Name – Oluwaseyifunmi

Short Form– Seyi/ Seyifunmi/ Olu

Meaning– God did this for me

  1. Name – Omowonuola

Short Form– Wola/ Wonuola

Meaning– Child has entered wealth

  1. Name – Oladokun

Short Form– Dokun/ Ola

Meaning– Wealth has turned into an ocean

  1. Name – Olakunle

Short Form– Ola/ Kunle

Meaning– Lots of wealth in the house

  1. Name – Olayomade

Short Form– Yomade/ Ola

Meaning– Wealth rejoices with crown

  1. Name – Olayinka

Short Form-Yinka/ Ola

Meaning– Wealth surrounds me

  1. Name – Oladimeji

Short Form– Ladi/ Ladimeji/ Ola

Meaning– Wealth has doubled

  1. Name – Oyewole

Short Form– Oye/ Wole

Meaning– Chieftincy Title has entered the household

  1. Name – Sijuwola

Short Form– Siju/ Wola

Meaning– Eyes on the wealth

  1. Name – Sijuwade

Short Form– Siju

Meaning– Open your eyes and see the crown

  1. Name – Toluwalope

Short Form– Tolu

Meaning– All praise is for God

  1. Name – Toluwanimi

Short Form– Tolu/ Nimi

Meaning– I belong to God

Natural/ Destiny Names (Oruko Amutorunwa)

  1. Name – Taiwo

Short Form– Taye

Meaning– The older of a twin

  1. Name – Kehinde

Short Form– Kenny

Meaning– The younger of a twin

  1. Name – Idowu

Short Form– ID

Meaning– The immediate younger sibling of the twins/ the youngest of a triplet

  1. Name – Ojo

Meaning– A child born with the waterbag intact

  1. Name – Dada

Meaning– A child born with natural dreads

Traditional Praise Names (Oruko Oriki)

  1. Name – Alamu

Meaning– ——-

  1. Name – Amao

Meaning– ——-

  1. Name – Akanbi

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