Best Paying Entry Level Jobs in Nigeria

It is a known fact that opportunity only makes itself known to those prepared for it. This explains why certain disciplines attract better salaries than others.

Every university undergraduate in Nigeria definitely wants to earn well after graduation. However, some courses attract better incomes at entry level while others do not. Therefore, if you must earn an attractive salary just with your first job, there are certain courses you should study to enable you get your preferred job.

This article contains the 10 best paying jobs at entry level. They are;

Mechanical Engineering Jobs

Mechanical engineering is a field those involved in would never hesitate to make known to everyone that cares to listen. Right from a mechanical engineer’s days in the university to their days in active service, mechanical engineers are considered a group of professionals in very high demand.

There are a whole lot of reasons mechanical engineering is a highly rated job, topping the list of reasons is the amount mechanical engineers in multinational firms earn.

At entry level, a mechanical engineer could earn as much as N9 million annually. This is the highest amount that can be earned at entry level for any job.

Chemical Engineering Jobs

Chemical engineering professionals are needed in many sectors of the economy. This makes it one of the jobs that absorb a whole lot of professionals. Although, the job of a chemical engineer might not sound too appealing to the average individual, it is one of the highest paying jobs in Nigeria. Chemical engineers attached to multinational firms earn as much as mechanical engineers do. With an average salary of N9 millions, the job of a chemical engineer is one of the highest paying jobs in Nigeria.

Petroleum Engineering Jobs

The discovery of petroleum in Nigeria shifted funds and investment from agriculture to petroleum. This occurrence has made the job of a petroleum engineer a very lucrative one. One major reason for this is the cost of oil per barrel in the international market.

Petroleum engineers might not be the set of people with the highest rate of employment. However, most employed petroleum engineers are engaged by multinational firms. This indirectly translates to a fat pay cheque at the end of the month.

Fresh petroleum engineers earn about N9 million annually.

Electrical Electronics Engineering Jobs

The job of an electrical electronics engineer is one of the highly rate jobs in the field of telecommunications and engineering at large. While electrical electronics engineering is needed in a whole lot of companies, companies involved in telecommunications even need it more.

Although there are lots of professionals with various job description in giant telecommunication firms, those with jobs related to electrical electronic engineering earn the highest salary at entry level. This salary is about N9 million annually. This puts electronic engineers at the same level with other engineers in the oil and gas sector.

Software Engineering Jobs

Software engineering is not a new field, however, its relevance has grown incredibly in the last decade. This rapid growth can be attributed majorly to ever widening network and influence of social media. The job of a software engineer is usually carried out by computer programmers and software developers. As a result of this, the term software engineering is overshadowed by computer programming.

The skills of a software engineer are needed in various sectors of the economy. Most prominent among them are it firms, telecommunication firms, oil servicing and producing firms.

A fresh graduate with the job of a software engineer earns about N400, 000 monthly.

Computer Engineering Jobs

Computer engineering is a field that a lot of individuals claim to be knowledgeable about. However, only a handful in Nigeria can back up this claim by deeds. Computer engineering at a professional level requires lots of it skills that only a few can boast of having. The fact that the demand for top notch computer engineers is relatively higher than the supply makes it a very lucrative job for those involved.

To perfectly carry out the job of a computer engineer, a lot is needed. This demands can only be met by a few individuals.

Averagely, computer engineers earn between N250, 000 and N750, 000 monthly

Accounting Jobs

Prior to the downsizing that occurred in the banking sectors, the job of an accountant was one of the most envied. Since downsizing occurred in the banking sector, a lot has changed. Accounting is no longer considered as lucrative as it used to be.

The fact that accounting is not as lucrative as it used to be does not however mean it is still not fairly lucrative. As far as the banking and financial sectors are concerned, accounting is one of the highest paying jobs at entry level. Newly employed accountants employed in multinational firms earn about N2 million per annum.

Banking Jobs

Banking is not what it used to be. This does not in any way mean it doesn’t pay well. While getting a permanent job as a banker might not be the easiest thing that can be done, a job in any of the new generation banks will surely do a lot of good to a the bank account of a fresh graduate.

Most newly employed bankers in new generation banks earn about N2 million to per annum.

Marketing Jobs

Marketing has never been considered a very easy job. It is perhaps one of the most difficult jobs in the banking sector. A lot of skill, determination and tenacity is needed to achieve a lot in this job.

While a lot might be needed for this job, the pay is commensurate to the amount of result achieved. Most organizations are not known to pay their marketers handsomely. However, very highly rated organizations pay their freshly employed marketers as much as N300, 000 per month.


Unlike in the 70s, and 80s, the job of a medical doctor is no longer the dream of every young teenager. Gone are the days when doctors were known to be one of the highest paid people in the society.

Although, as consultants and specialists, doctors earn quite some money. However, at entry level, they earn about N1.5 million per annum. This is the best that can be gotten in the health sector.


The above mentioned jobs might earn you the highest salary at entry level. However, it should be noted that as the years progress, there are chances certain individuals in other fields might earn much more than those listed in this article.

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