30 Stunning Box Braids to Slay

Box braids are a very popular trend and of course, 2021 will be no different. Box braids are a popular, protective style often worn by black women. Box braids are great for when you need a break from your natural hair or if you’re looking to grow your hair out in a healthy non-intrusive way. Box braids are predominantly popular throughout African, African-American, and African Diaspora culture.

They’re called box braids because of their box style divisions at the root. Box braids are generally created by using synthetic hair attachments to add volume, thickness and length. Unlike cornrows, box braids aren’t attached flatly through out the scalp so box braids can be styled in a number of ways.

short box braids

Try this classy short box braids to turn heads and make you the center of attention at any occasion!

box braid 2020

If you’re looking for a slightly fun look, you might want to try this ash and black box braid combo. If you’re not a fan of any of these colors, you could still achieve the same look using different color combinations.

stunning box braids

If you’re not one to take a lot of risks but still want unique box braids, you might want to try this classic box braid style with colored thread woven in.


It isn’t always easy finding the best shade of attachments for your box braids. This is an example of what we call the perfect shade!


Not interested in sitting for long hours but still want that box braid look? You might want to try this bold cut box braids, takes less hours to make but delivers the same results!


Another classic with a touch of gold for people looking to keep their box braids simple and fun.

Beautiful Braids by @emem_hairbraiding_palace1

short braids

Short mixed color box braids.The bold cuts of this box braids means you’ll be out of the saloon in a few hours!

black braids

Stunning straight tip box braids. There’s a little bit of color mixed in for a more unique look.

curly braids

This is a variation of the former. A perfect box braid style for children, teenagers and even adults. The curled ends gives this box braid style a beautiful finish.

stunning box braids

multi-colour braids

Multi-color, simple box braid style to rock any day, any time. The scarf gives this look a more retro effect.

multi color box braids

If you love braids that draw attention, you might want to try this multi-color box braid. It catches attention but without going over the top.

Braid Inspiration from @boxbraidsinspiracoes

If proper care is taken, these types of hairstyles, once completed, can last for 2-3 weeks before they finally need to be taken out.

That color shade is just perfect for her skin!

Gold box braids

Look at that scalp! A clean, healthy scalp is key to a stunning well finished box braid look.

Twinning with box braids 🙂

Ash braids

Knotless box braid are great too! And this one is all about stunning knotless box braids hairstyle.

Absolutely gorgeous and Unique Braids by @thesehands_braiding_studio

If you’re looking for styles outside the ordinary box braids, you’d love these show stopping styles! The style may take more time as compared to other box braid styles because you are consistently stopping to add extra hair as you braid.  The scalp has a tiny area of partition that is criss-cross on the top and makes for a cute distinction to the otherwise classy and elegant box braid.  With hairstyle, you have unlimited potential to explore the unique.

Beautiful cut

braids for teenagers

Just look at that!

unique braid

This has to be one of our favorites!

very unique braids

Now, these are show stoppers. By the way, these look even better in real life!

Classically Simple  Braids by @_hairbychalia

With hairstyles like these, what you get is not just a hairstyle but weave a pattern of your choice that showcases your finesse and taste.  This particular trend is great.  Some of the patterns look intimidating but once done the outcome is just breathtaking.  With this hairstyle, you can be confident to rock the world with grace and beauty.  This kind of braids is great for assimilating colorful beads as well to make it more colorful, especially for kids!

2020 braids

2020 braids

Just look at that stunning piece of work!

Beautiful hair is like a classic work of art…

colored braids

And we wrap up this beautiful collection of box braids with this classic long box braid. Perfect if you love styling your box braids.

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