COVID- 19: Stay in Your House, But If You Are So Hungry, Go Out – Adeyanju Says

Deji Adeyanju, a human rights activists seem to be getting fed up with the lockdown in many states of the federation.

Adeyanju who is a critic of the ruling government noted that family members are reaching out to each other at this difficult time but urged whoever is very hungry to go and look for what to eat.

“There is no how you will say nobody in your family or among your friends will not help out at this time to stay at home. I know how many people in my immediate circle are reaching out at this time. STAY IN YOUR HOUSE but if you are so hungry & can’t stay home, go out.”

He, however, reminded who wants to go out what America is going through.

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But it remains unclear what the person who intends to go out in disobedience to the orders of the authorities.

Meanwhile, President Muhammadu Buhari has released over 77,000 grans as part of palliative measures for the lower class who are finding it hard to feed at this point in time.

The Lagos State Government has also begun distributing 5kg of rice across some households in Alimosho Local Government.

He further tweeted that the Federal Government is not serious about curtailing the spread of the COVID-19 by not locking down the entire country.

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“The Nigerian Govt is playing with this virus by their refusal to completely lockdown the entire country. Their actions may lead to the deaths of thousands of citizens. 5,000 people have now died in the US due to refusal to take drastic actions. This negligence will cost us a lot.”

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