Europa And Champions League – The Odds Of EPL Top Teams Making The Competitions Explained

The Europa and Champions league will be contested by Arsenal and Chelsea; Liverpool and Tottenham respectively which brings about the big question: Who exactly qualifies for the Champions and Europa leagues next season?

Arsenal and Chelsea will lock horns for the Europa finals on the 29th of May while Liverpool will clash with Tottenham for the Champions league finals on the 1st of June.

It is common knowledge that the winners of both competitions gets an automatic Champions league qualification.

Who Qualifies For The UEFA Champions League This Unique Season?

The top-four finishers in the EPL qualifies for the Champions League while the winners of the FA and Carabao (EFL) Cups and fifth-placed side qualify for the Europa league.

England will only get a 5th Champions league qualification spot if any of the winners of those two tournaments finish outside the top four.

Arsenal are likely to finish fifth place on the Premeir League standings, three points and eight goals behind Tottenham and can only realistically qualify for the Champions league if they win the Europa League competition.

Liverpool and Chelsea have guaranteed their Champions League spots with Tottenham looking to do so on the final day.

If any of those teams eventually win any of the outlined competitions, their qualification spot won’t be transferred to the Premier League.

What that means is Arsenal can’t lost the Europa league final, finish fifth and still qualify for next season’s Champions League because one of Tottenham or Liverpool wins the UCL this term.

If Arsenal Lose The Europa League Title And Finshes Fifth, What Happens?

Should in case Chelsea wins the Europa League, the winners of the Austrian Bundesliga, Red Bull Salzburg goes into the group stages rather than the qualifying rounds since the Austrian league is 11th-ranked and do not have an automatic Champions league qualification.

The Europa League

Manchester City and Watford will be locking horns in the finals of the FA Cup competition.

If Manchester City win the FA Cup, then the seventh-placed team goes into Europa league’s second qualifying round.

However, if Watford wins the FA Cup instead, they proceed straight into the group stages of the competition while the sixth-place team goes into the qualifiers instead.

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