Hotel Majestic TV Series

The zeal to be in power is what most people desire. However, when it becomes intoxicating, a lot of damage is inflicted to others. Hotel Majestic tells the story of a family and their greed to be in charge of an ancient hotel. Although this series aired for a short while, it gave an insight about the internal struggles of a family and the quest to be in control.

The Storyline of Hotel Majestic

This short Tele-novella revolves around the Emeni family and their constant disagreement over the hotel ownership. Unfortunately, the family is further thrown into the dark; following the murder of a strange man by their pool.

The Cast of Hotel Majestic

Starring in this suspense-filled drama, we have Ivie Okujaye,  Tina Mba Bukky Ajayi, Sadiq Daba, Oge Okoye, Yvonne Enakhena, David Jones, Kingsley Nwachukwu Ifeanyi, Akin Lewis and a host of others

Where to Watch This Tele-novella

Visit  to watch this series.

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