House Saga: After Reprimanding Her, Onye Eze Hosts Okoro Blessing in His House (Video)

Okoro Blessing and Onye Eze seen sharing a drink in new video.

— This happened after Onye Eze was seen with a policeman arresting Okoro Blessing.

Publicity stunt? Or is Onye Eze such a nice man to accommodate Okoro Blessing after claiming his house?

Few hours ago, a video surfaced online that suggested Okoro Blessing has been arrested for claiming a house that isn’t hers.

In the video, Onye Eze was heard reprimanding the blogger with a police by his side while she knelt down begging him.

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However, a new video has surfaced online. Onye Eze and Okoro Blessing were having drinks together in his home.

See Video:

People have reacted to this video, many of whom are unsure if it’s a publicity stunt or not.

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