30 Iro and Buba Styles to Rock this 2022

Iro and Buba is traditionally worn by the Yoruba women of Nigeria. Iro and Buba is local dialect for “wrapper” and “blouse”. Today, the attire has become extremely widespread as it has expanded into other ethnic groups in Nigeria. This wear will and can never go out of style. It’s vibrant and fun to wear. Be it minimal or bold, with the right material and print, who says you can’t stun in your Iro and Buba fashion staples.

Do you have an appointment with your fashion designer? Are you stuck thinking about styles to choose for your new outfit? No worries! We’re here to ease your stress. Take a look at lovely Iro and Buba styles that we’ve got for you to rock.

lace blouse and wrapper

Iro and Buba with lace materials is absolutely beautiful and adds more class and beauty to the outfit.

iro and buba

Traditional outfit with ankara fabric isn’t really a bad idea


Iro and Buba with puffy sleeves

Modern and chic!

beautiful iro and buba style

For your next wedding, rock this owanbe look.

iro and buba chiffon

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Tulip Iro and Buba gives you that sophisticated feel.

classy iro and buba

Your Buba does not have to look boring. Create a fashion statement with this.

puff sleeve blouse

Be exquisite and fashionable in Adire.

blouse and skirt wrapper

Why not rock an exotic look for the party?

Complement your outfit with an orange purse.

skirt and blouse

Elegant and classy!

buba and iro

Yellow colours are pretty popular these days.

lace iro and buba

Create a passionate and noticeable look with this red Iro and Buba wear

sunning iro and buba

This is a show-stopper!!!

Waltz confidently into the party. The orange ruffled sleeves will definitely draw attention to you.

classic iro and bubba

Unique and contemporary wear.

organza iro and buba

Rock a shimmery look for that event.

satin iro and buba

Silk is bae.

unique iro and buba

Absolutely stunning!

unique traditional for women

I bet you don’t want to sleep on this style.

lycra material style

Tired of wearing lace and ankara?

Iro and buba made from lovely fabric

buba styles

Smiling with glee, these ladies rocked their outfits.

unique iro and buba

Can you resist this charming look?

Be the best dressed at the party.

beautiful iro and buba

Off shoulders are trendy styles that have taken over the fashion world.

iro buba

Chic and elegant

simple iro and buba

Blue has never lost its touch at parties.

unique skirt and blouse

Glamorous and regal look for the wedding party

naija styles

Rejuvenate the ageless attire(Iro and Buba) with faux wrapper

mother daughter iro and buba

Iro and Buba for mother and daughter

iro and buba

Off shoulder top, so stylish!

iro buba

Sexy and simple!

Outfit that accentuate the physique

short iro and buba

Always go for a classic, presentable and trendy look with Oleku

baby girl iro and buba

Little girl looking fabulous in Iro and Buba aso-oke

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