30 Naturalista Hairstyles to Stand Out This 2022

Natural hairstyles are the latest trend, today. Natural hair is so versatile that there are absolutely no reasons not to wear them. Every lady want to rock them but most have troubles styling their natural hair. Guess you’re one of them!

Does keeping your natural hair feels like an uphill battle? Are you stuck trying to think about new styling ideas for your natural hair? Try one of these impressive looks.

iDONSABI offers you natural hair inspiration that’ll enhance your natural texture, enhance your personal style and make you stand out in 2020

natural locs

Short faux locs

If you want a contemporary style that protects your tresses, give short faux locs a go.


Double bun hairstyle adorned with colourful beads.


Stunning fulani braids with afro puff

Ideal African woman look

naija kids hairstyle

Diagonal braided updo

Neat, chic and elegant

Multi-size braid with afro

Fresh and versatile

Kids Hairstyles

Criss-cross updo with bun

Natural hair is versatile. This is the proof! Balance sleek criss cross strands with braids and you’ll get an  amazing hairstyle!


Simple twists with bangs

Experiment with different lengths and colours

short locs

Finger coils for any hair length. Easy style and gorgeous definition.

naturalista hair

Bun braids

Simple and beautiful hairstyle

naturalista hair

Cute flat twists

Classy and quaint. You can recreate yours with ombre extensions.

naturalista hair

Medium length diagonal braids with twisted ponytail

Dazzling look for kids

weaving hairstyle

Braids feed-in to two big braids swirled round to create a superb look

tribal braids

Fine patterned natural hairstyle that make you stand out

short kinky braid

Side swept twist with braids

Eye-catching and stylish

natural kinky braid

Mixed textures for short styles

Jazz up a short hairdo by mixing two different textures together

weaving for school
Hair by @onaturalsbeauty

Braided crown

Perfect hairstyle for a girl in bridal train

weaing hairstyle
Hair by @onaturalsbeauty

Upswept updo

An elegant upswept style that gives classy vibes and little extra height

weaving hair fr girls
Hair by @onaturalsbeauty

Braids with twist out ponytails

Look charming with this hairdo

school hair for African girls
Hair by @onaturalsbeauty

Simple two steps braids

two sides weaving hair
Hair by @onaturalsbeauty

Side swept braids with twisted ponytail

all back weaving hairstyle
Hair by @onaturalsbeauty

Cornrows feed-in to pig tails

The beauty of feed-in braids is that they add dynamism to your hairstyle.

police cap hair
Hair by @onaturalsbeauty

Flat twists updo

Lovely protective hairstyle

weaving hairstyle
Hair by @onaturalsbeauty

Asymmetrical and chunky braids

Rock a sophisticated look

weaving hairstyles for girls
Hair by @onaturalsbeauty

Cornrows with twisted ponytails

Excellent hairstyle for your little one

beautiful natural hair for brides

A combination of side braids with updo makes a fancy hairstyle.

bridal natural hair

Tiny cornrows with lush twisted bun

Tiny front-to-back cornrows and chunky twisted braids gives beauty and protection.

wedding hair with kinky attach

Look effortlessly chic in this high bun hairdo

shuku weaving
Hair by @onaturalsbeauty

Beautiful hairstyle for kids. The cornrows are knotted by the side.

all back weaving
Hair by @onaturalsbeauty

Cornrows with twisted bun

Unique and glamorous

natural bridal hair up do

Braided Mohawk for naturalistas

Add some spice to your braided style

naturalhair up do

A classy wedding look for brides who want to rock their natural hair.

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