Iyabo Ojo Mocks Kemi Olunloyo, Calls Her The Real Yahoo Yahoo

Iyabo Ojo mocked Kemi Olunloyo in new post. Claimed she’s faking PTSD and using her name to blackmail people to give her money.

The drama between Iyabo Ojo and Kemi Olunloyo started when the journalist accused the actress of being the reason she went to prison.

She stated that due to the things she went through in prison, she became a patient of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and lost her source of livelihood. She blamed Iyabo Ojo for this and since then been seeking donations from people to help care for her condition.

Catch up on the story here >>> Kemi Olunloyo Weeps, Bares It Out As She Called Out Iyabo Ojo (Video)

Meanwhile, Iyabo Ojo doesn’t believe her PTSD story. She claimed it’s an ‘illegal’ PTSD as the journalist as started using that as a way to get donations. “You’re the real Yahoo Yahoo.” she said.

She further blasted her for having to soil her name to blackmail people into symphathizing with her.

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???????? Well! well! well!! Manipulating people with my name to seek attention & emotionally blackmailing them to donate money towards a made up lie you created in your head to seek sympathy is a BIG SCAM and totally unacceptable.

“You’re the real yahoo yahoo, in fact yours is a PLUS. Awon online mummy ……… be prepared ?…… Ewa alright Las Las @kemiolunloyo

“May all your Curses return back to you a million times. Oni PTSD illegal ?”  She wrote.

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