Jesus Christ performed plastic surgery first – Ghanaian Nana

A Ghanaian actress known as Nana Frema has made some outrageous claim that Jesus Christ was the first man on earth to perform plastic surgery.

The actress, Nana Frema was reacting to a statement by a popular Ghanaian evangelist known as Papa Shee.

Papa Shee in an earlier statement chided women to refrain from using make ups and undergoing plastic surgeries as those could land them in hell fire.

So, Nana Frema who once publicly admitted that she underwent plastic surgery to obtain her killer curves took on the evangelist’s warnings.

Nana Frema
Curvy Ghanaian actress, Nana Frema

In an interview with Kwame Adjetia on Ghanaian Neat FM, Nana Frema made her outrageous claim.

She said Jesus Christ did a plastic surgery when he re-attached an ear that his disciple, Peter had cut off.

According to Nana, it’s God that gave the plastic surgeons wisdom for plastic surgeries.

In her words:

Jesus Christ did a plastic surgery. Somebody’s ears were cut off and he fixed it. It was surgery. God is the one who has given doctors the knowledge.


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