Lady Narrates How Her Dad Cut Her Sister’s Leg With Cutlass For Coming Home Late

A Nigerian lady identified as @possibleoge on Twitter narrates the abusive relationship they had with their dad who was a retired soldier.

They were not allowed to keep late nights and he loved to punish his children in the midnight whenever they offend him.

She narrates how he once called police on his son and made them beat and lock him up for gambling.

Also, she narrated how her father cut her elder sister’s leg for coming home late.

Her sister went to her friend’s place and came home around past 6pm. In fear, she couldn’t enter the house until their mom arrived at 8pm. She begged her husband on her behalf and everything seemed okay as he accepted the apology.

However, at 12am, the father went to his daughter’s room with a cutlass and gave her a deep cut on her right leg.

Her scream woke everyone up and there was blood everywhere. She was eventually rushed to the hospital by the father. He paid the medical bills and stated that the wound would serve as a reminder anytime she tried to return home late.

Read Her Full Thread Below:

Father cuts daughter's leg with cutlass

Father cuts daughter's leg with cutlass

Father cuts daughter's leg with cutlass

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