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Buhari – Nigerians Wouldn’t Be Bordered About Who Is In Power If PDP Had Done Their Job 

President Muhammed Buhari

President Muhammed Buhari expressed dissatisfaction over the way the opposition party, PDP handled the affairs of the nation in 16 years. He said Nigerians wouldn’t have been worried about who is in power if the opposition party had done their job well.

Speaking when a group from the South-east part of the county under the aegis of One on One Nigeria, visited him on Tuesday night, Buhari opined, “We are trying to organize the country. The extent of mismanagement we met when we came was mind-boggling.

“Many times, I have spoken about the tremendous resources available to us between 1999 and 2014, and how it was frittered. If only they had used just 25% of it on infrastructure; road, rail, power, Nigerians would mind their own businesses, and not bother about whoever was in power. The casualty figure on our roads daily is simply scandalous. No wonder they are in opposition now, despite all the power they thought they had.”

Senate In Rowdy Session Over FG’s Social Intervention Programme

The Plenary session at the House of Assembly turned rowdy when Senator Biodun Olujimi revealed the inconsistencies and corruption surrounding the Social Intervention Fund introduced by President Muhammed Buhari. The Senator alleged that the beneficiaries of this program were being asked to provide details of their Personal Voters Card (PVC) in the application form. While presenting a copy of the form the Senator alleged that the words “I stand with Buhari” were boldly written across the top of the form. This accusation generated a loud outcry in the chamber as members of the All Progressive Congress(APC) and People’s Democratic Party(PDP) exchanged words.

Senators Criticise Police For Declaring Attack on Ekweremadu as ‘Mere Burglary’

The Nigerian Police Force came under fire from the Senators for eeclaring the attack on the Deputy Senate President, Ike Ekweremadu as a “mere burglary attack”. The Senators declared that the incident was an assassination attempt and the police did not spend enough time to investigate. On Tuesday, Mr Ekweremadu reported to the senate what he termed as an assassination attempt on him, his wife, and son. He said the assailants gained entry into his home around 4am, causing him to struggle for his life. In reaction to the incident, the Police Official Twitter account declared the incident as a burglary and not an assassination attempt.

Presidency Denies Buhari Endorsed N30, 000 As The minimum Wage

It seems the perceived victory of the labour unions have been cut short, as a recent statement from the presidency has debunked the story That President Muhammed Buhari. The Presidency claimed that the Buhari’s remark when he received the report from the Tripartite Committee was misinterpreted by the media. An unnamed source from the Presidency said the President only expressed his commitment to implement the New minimum wage. In addition to this, he stated that, It is not the duty of the president only to endorse a new national minimum wage. The process involves the Federal Executive Council (FEC), the National Economic Council (NEC) and the National Assembly. “It is imperative for us to always avoid misinterpreting a written speech,’’ he added.

BREAKING: National Assembly Transmits Amended Electoral Bill To Buhari

The National Assembly has finally passed the Amendment Bill to President Buhari. The President had on three previous occasions withheld his consent to the controversial bill, which has provisions to improve the country’s electoral process. According to a recent information from the Office of the Clerk of the National Assembly, Mr Muhammed Sani-Omolori, the bill has been passed to the office of the President.

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