Make Money Online Jobs for Working Women

Making money online has never been very common like it is in the 21st century and many more opportunities and avenues are being created for people to maximize the power of the internet to make ends meet for themselves. The great thing about it is that just anyone who has a good amount of skill sets can leverage on this 21st century opportunity and build something from it. This also includes both young and old people. In this piece we would be exploring different online job opportunities for working women.

Sell Products Online

This remains one of the commonest ways to make money online seeing that many more people are connected to the worldwide web. Moreover, people now prefer to sit back in their homes and offices and order what they want or products that appeal to them as the surf the web. There are many products you can sell as a working women; fashion items, ebooks, podcasts, videos, personal items, etc. You can sign up on already established ecommerce stores and put up your products on their websites while you agree of profit sharing.


The beauty of photography that in as much as it is work and require some form of efforts to be put into it, most people who start out doing it initially start it off as a hobby and some form leisure. If you don’t have the time to cover real events or people, one can create artistic photographers at your own time which you can sell to people or organizations. There are websites where you can post their works and get paid for it too.

Online Surveys

With the competition in business and more companies desiring to get better, many of them attain this by carrying out online surveys where they seek opinion of end users of their products. For your thoughts and opinions, these companies are willing to pay.


The art of posting contents (articles, news, pictures, videos, etc) on a website that you own. Many blogging platforms exist but the most popular ones include; WordPress and Blogspot. To blog successfully requires consistency and having a niche.

Kindle Publishing

This involves self-publishing your ebooks as has been provided by Amazon on their website. The expectation from you is to write a great book, edit it, do the necessary design works and upload it on Amazon Kindle where people can see and buy. The proceeds from sales will be shared between yourself and Amazon.

Affiliate Marketing

This involves selling other people’s products for a commission after each sale. This works better and easier if you has a website where you can post these products for people to see. You can also make use of email and social marketing to promote the products using your affiliate link.

Product Testing

This is really interesting and new but these days you can actually be paid for using a new product. This is usually a promotion strategy by the developers of a new product. In return you can give your reviews and recommend it to other people.

Product Reviews

A review of a product mean appraising or sharing your experience after using a particular product. This has become such that companies and businesses can actually pay you to give a positive review of their products.


If you have a particular skill or knowledge of something that you think people are great need of, you can actually start teaching people about it for a fee. This can be done at home through blog posts, videos and pictures at the comfort of your home.

Part Planning

You can get involved in planning of events for other people. Women are known for being perfect in organizing various things due to their ability to multi-task.


Consulting will require that you get to a point of near mastery or expertise in a particular field before venturing into it. So a working mum can consult comfortably through the internet. Counseling is a good area to start off with.

Article Writing

More and more people are in need of people who can actually put their thoughts and ideas in a good piece of writing. Anyone with this skill can be of great use in the present dispensation of a knowledge economy.


Those who write good article funny enough are not good at editing their own articles. So if you have a good command and use of English language, you can start editing other people’s works for a fee.

Project Management

Project is anything that has a beginning and end but can vary based on various factors of time, money, human capacity and more. A busy woman can actually offer to manage other people’s project seeing that it is a key area today. Projects can be in events, construction, concerts, and more.

Resume Writer

Even though many people might be skilled, educated and experienced in a particular field, they can still find it difficult to write resumes that will move employers to hire them. So they can hire others to do so for them.

Skill and know-how are powerful and anyone who has a deluge of it can be in high demand if this era of competitiveness. The internet is a good place to connect, share and showcase what you can offer.


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