Man Accidentally Shoots Himself In The Penis

Man accidentally shot his penis. Peter Jacobsson has been rushed to hospital after shooting himself in the penis by mistake.

—The 32 year old has been charged for the possession of a deadly weapon.

In Lincoln, Nebraska, a 32 year old Peter Jacobsson mistakenly shot himself in the penis.

According to the detectives, his  22-caliber gun fell from his pocket and fired a bullet to his penis while walking on the street of Lincoln. This happened in Bryan West Campus, a medical centre in the Irvingdale area of the town.

He has been rushed to the hospital to get treatment to the injuries of his genitals.

Peter is said to be better now but will be charged for the possession of a deadly firearm.

In March, 2 months ago, a similar incident happened in Indiana as a man shot himself in the penis too.

Mark Anthony Jones mistakenly shot himself in the groin in Marion, Indiana.

According to the police report, the 46 year old was carrying a “9mm handgun in his waistband without a holster. When the gun began to slip, the 46-year-old Jones reached to adjust the gun, causing it to fire.”

The gun bullet entered through his penis and escaped through his scrotum.

He was also immediately rushed to the hospital and it was later revealed that Mark Anthony Jones doesn’t have a Handgun license.

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