Nine Nigerians Sentenced to Death in UAE

According to reports emerging from United Arab Emirate (UAE), eight Nigerians have been sentenced to death for robbery crimes perpetrated in December 2016 in far away Sharjah.

According to reports, few weeks ago five Nigerian were apprehended in connection with the robbery of a bureau De change in Sharjah. The death sentence of nine Nigerians comes just few weeks after the arrest of the suspected perperators of the theft in Sharjah.

According to reports, the judgment of the arrested suspects was delivered by Majid Al Muhairi of Sharjah criminal court. The court found the suspects guilty of carrying out regular robbery operations on bureau de change and cash machines across UAE back in 2016.

Initially, a total of 20 suspects were apprehended for attacking security guards in four violent attacks planned to set trap for security trucks that were conveying boxes of money to and from automated teller machines (ATMs), and money exchanges across Sharjah.

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Information gotten also revealed that the armed robbers all went to UAE on visit visas.

Following the arrest of the 20 suspects, nine of them were convicted but just eight were sentenced to death. The ninth man was ordered to stay in prison for six months and after that would be deported for storing stolen money.

The suspects were reported to have carted away over Dh1,700,000. According to reports, a part of the money has been recovered while the other has been sent back to Nigeria.

The ambassador of Nigeria to UAE, Mohammed Rimi, revealed that a total of 446 Nigerians are presently serving different terms in the emirates for crimes ranging from possession of hard drugs to engaging in armed robbery.

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