Pink Opens Up About Her And Her Son’s ‘Terrifying’ Battle With Coronavirus

In honour of Mother’s Day, Pink wrote an essay published by NBC news where she opened up about her battle with Coronavirus after she and son, Jameson fully recovered.

The 40-year-old described their experience as terrifying and the most challenging moment for her as a mother.


In the essay, the three-time Grammy winner wrote; “Battling COVID-19 along with my three-year-old son was the most physically and emotionally challenging experience I have gone through as a mother.

“Weeks after receiving our test results, my son was still ill and feverish. It was a terrifying time, not knowing what might come next.”

Pink announced on April 3 that she and her son tested positive for the coronavirus after showing symptoms.

The singer, who previously announced her plans to donate $1 million to two emergency relief funds ended her essay by encouraging people to support communities in need.

This Mother’s Day, as you hold your babies tight, I encourage you to think about all the mamas around the world who still need our help,” she wrote.

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