Sanni Fani-Kayode Bruce and Omokri react to the shut down of DAAR Communications by NBC

– Shehu Sanni, Femi Fani Kayode, Ben Murray Bruce and Reno Omokri have reacted to the shut down of DAAR Communications by NBC

According to the statement released by the National Broadcasting Commission NBC on Thursday, it disclosed that DAAR Communications which houses AIT, Raypower and Faaji FM have been shut down indefinitely for refusing to abide by ethics of journalism.

However, following the decision taken by the body, Nigerians have been reacting to the move, while some applauded the NBC, others are of the opinion that the move is against Press Freedom.

Well, the likes of Shehu Sanni, Ben Murray Bruce, Femi Fani Kayode, and Reno Omokri have reacted to the shut down of DAAR Communications as they claimed the move was politically motivated.

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Shehu Sanni in his statement said, “The suspension of AIT is an utterly condemnable act.The suspension is politically motivated. Its an act of ingratitude & treachery to strangulate the very media outlet that has played a pivotal role in the struggle for the restoration and defense of democracy.”

He added that, “When the people in Government and not the constitution are at liberty to chose which of the views expressed is offensive to the law,they will pick the ones that question their authority to oppress.”

Reno Omokri said, “First they came for the Legislature ( Bukola Saraki),we did nothing.
Next they came for the Judiciary (CJN Walter Onnoghen), we said nothing.
Now, they have come for the Press (AIT). Will you still do NOTHING?”

Femi Fani Kayode said, “AIT shut down! I warned Nigerians in 2015 and I was maligned and hated for it. I warned Nigerians in 2019 and I was ignored, despised and ostracised for it. Even now Nigerians still don’t know the nature of the monster that plagues and afflicts them. The worst is yet to come.”

Ben Bruce said, “I stand for #PressFreedom. If the press isn’t free, it means Government therefore possesses more power over her citizens than it needs to have.”

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