Sen. Ben Murray Bruce encourages Nigerian Workers says there is light at the end of the tunnel

– Sen. Ben Murray Bruce encouraged Nigerian Workers in his latest statement, he said that there is light a the end of the tunnel

– He went ahead to list two Nigerians that are part of the reasons to celebrate Nigerian workers 

Nigerian Senator cum businessman, Sen. Ben Murray Bruce from Bayelsa state in a latest statement has joined in celebrating Nigerian Workers today.

Senator Ben Murray Bruce in his statement made it known that his message to Nigerian workers and labour congress is centered on hope.

He declared that there is light at the end of the tunnel, he encouraged the workers that things will get better in the country and that they shouldn’t give up.

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Sen Ben Murray Bruce disclosed that the country is going through a period of test but he assured that better moment would come.

He said, “testing times are here, but better times are on the horizon. In forecasting the Nigerian economy and our future prospects, many pundits take into greater account the current world market prices of the minerals our rich land produce. I beg to differ. My take is more holistic.”
Ben Bruce added that Nigeria is not a great nation because of the minerals resources it has but because of the men and women in the country.
He went ahead to list two Nigerians Musa Usman and Josephine Ugwu as part of the reasons why Nigerian workers need to be applauded.
The senator said, “Men like Musa Usman, who served his employer faithfully, and upon his retirement, rejected a house gift for himself in preference for his employer to build a borehole for his community with the money.
Women like Josephine Ugwu, an airport worker on minimum wage, who selflessly returned the sum of ₦12 million that she found in a toilet to its rightful owner.
Men and women like Musa and Josephine are the people we celebrate today, because their honest labour of love gives Nigeria much hope that things shall indeed get better with their dignified labour.
He added that ”Nigerian workers are indeed good people. They are hardworking. They are intelligent. They are an asset to this great nation and the world. And I gratefully celebrate them today. Happy May Day to all Nigerians and may God bless Nigeria.”

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