Seun Kuti Disgusted By Misplaced Priorities of Nigerian Parents

Seun Kuti has expressed his disgust via an Instagram video at parents who would rather attend political rallies rather than worry about their children who have remained at home due to the ongoing ASUU strike.

He wrote:
Your children aren’t attending school but you’re attending political rallies. Are you mad?”

Seun Kuti further added that until parents learn to serve their children and not just raise them, we won’t develop as a nation.

He went on to say that if the hijab crisis in a school could cause National outrage more than the closure of Universities due to strike, it was a clear indication that parents were willing to serve everything else other than their child.

Recall that International School, Ibadan was shut down last year when the Muslim Parents Forum tried enforcing the hijab dress code for female Muslim students.

The management of the school however objected to it. They resolved that the dress code of students be maintained regardless of the religion of the said student.

The School ably represented by a Board therefore appealed to parents to uphold the school rules and regulations regarding its dress code. They maintained that it was only then that the school could fulfill its mandate of providing sound education to the students.

In spite of this injunction, Busari, Secretary-General, Muslim Community of Oyo State called on the Federal Government to intervene in the issue.

He stressed that the wearing of hijab by female Muslim students was a God-given right and must not be trampled upon by the management of the school.

Busari maintained that the school was indirectly victimizing Muslim students and indirectly calling them terrorists. This anarchy between the school management and the Muslim society was what led to the shutdown of the school.

On the other hand, the talked about ASUU strike has been on since the 4th of November, 2018 with no firm agreement reached between ASUU officials and the Federal Government.

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