Taylor Swift Overtakes Nicki Minaj As She Sets New Record For Billboard Hot 100 Hits

Taylor Swift breaks the record for the most Billboard Hot 100 entries among women in the chart’s 62-year history. She now has 113 Billboard 100 entries as she passes Nicki Minaj, with 110.

Taylor Swift Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj had held the mark for the most Hot 100 entries among women since April 1, 2017, when she passed Franklin’s sum of 73.

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With the release of her new album, “Folklore”, Swift’s “Cardigan” launches at No. 1 on the Hot 100 and 16 songs off the Folklore album debut on the chart, lifting her total from 97 to 113 career charted titles.

Below is the updated list Of Most Hot 100 Entries Among Women
113, Taylor Swift
110, Nicki Minaj
73, Aretha Franklin
65, Beyoncé
62, Rihanna
57, Madonna
56, Dionne Warwick
53, Connie Francis
52, Ariana Grande
49, Miley Cyrus
48, Mariah Carey
48, Brenda Lee
41, Mary J. Blige
41, Janet Jackson
41, Barbra Streisand

Taylor Swift

Here’s a list of Swift’s 16 songs on the latest Hot 100, all from her Folklore which she released on July 24, 2020.

No. 1, “Cardigan”
No. 4, “The 1”
No. 6, “Exile,” feat. Bon Iver
No. 13, “The Last Great American Dynasty”
No. 16, “My Tears Riccochet”
No. 23, “August”
No. 26, “Mirrorball”
No. 35, “Seven”
No. 36, “Invisible String”
No. 39, “This Is Me Trying”
No. 42, “Betty”
No. 44, “Illicit Affairs”
No. 47, “Mad Woman”
No. 57, “Epiphany”
No. 58, “Peace”
No. 71, “Hoax”

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