TBoss Confirms She Was Pregnant and Has Welcomed Her Baby

Reality TV star, TBoss confirmed in her new post that she was pregnant and has now given birth.

The 35-year-old also addressed the issue of privacy and social media. She explained that she kept everything a secret because she was afraid of negativity, being misunderstood and misjudged as it’s common on social media.

Read Her Post Below:

What is it about our Generation that’s Always so eager to post up our private lives on Social Media? 

“We get Good news- SM, Not so good news- SM, Someone offends us, someone owes us money, breakups, new home, new car, new shoes, fake designer shoes, borrowed stuff- There’s Absolutely No Mystery anymore. You wanna know about a person? Just look up their SM pages & you’d get a pretty close picture of whom you’re dealing with. 

“I agree I’m not exactly social media compliant but I’m also guilty of sometimes putting more than I ought to have out there thereby subjecting myself to being misinterpreted, misquoted, misunderstood & highly misjudged. 

“And that’s why it was extremely difficult for me to keep my pregnancy all to myself.

“I mean it was without a doubt The Best news I have ever had & God knows I wanted to shout it out so as to be heard to the ends of the earth BUT I had to …

“Not because I was ashamed or nothing of the sort. Hey, I’m a Grown woman let’s be Real.

“I was Afraid. I was afraid of exposing My best news to the negativity of little & sad minded people of which unfortunately happen to be a lot… I wanted to enjoy this journey, savor every little moment, understand what was happening to me, my body, keep my sanity for my good & the good of my unborn child. 

“Pregnancy is indeed a roller coaster ride and as Ecstatic as I was, it really hit me. 

“My friends all knew- if you didn’t oh well- maybe that’s your cue. I went shopping & out a lot & took lots of photos with my beautiful fans – Selfies Only of course & never felt the need to cover up or hide anything- And why should I? Do you know the struggle a lot of women go through to get what I have? A Free Gift from God! And you think at 35 I ought to feel some type of way because someone has an unsolicited opinion about me? Ha Ha Ha… Silence is NOT denial.”

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