Top 10 Best Data Plan for Android Phones in Nigeria

Living without data in this age is as good as being lost. At the moment, data appears to be as important as your regular airtime, electricity and perhaps transportation. In as much as data is needed for day to day running of the average Nigerian life, it has led to an increase in the cost of living. This has made it very important to know the best available data plans for android devices in Nigeria. The knowledge of the best data plans for android devices in Nigeria can help you make the right choice of data for your needs and pocket.

This article contains a list of the best data plans for android devices in Nigeria. They include;

1. Glo’s 18GB for N4000

This is one amazing data plan you do not want to miss out of if you can spare N4000 every month. If you must always be on the internet either because you are addicted, you blog or are a download freak, then you might need this one.

This data plan is especially great if you are in a neighborhood with good reception for Glo.

This data plan is valid for 30 days and can be obtained just by dialing *127*59# or by sending “59” to 127. Before typing this code or sending a message, you have to have a balance of at least 4000 on your glo sim.

2. Glo’s 12 GB for N 3,000

This is arguably the second best data plan in Nigeria. It is also unarguably the second best data package for users of the Glo network. This plan can be used both in the day and in the night. If you are not a high data user, there is no need to go close to this package because you might not use it up and will end up not getting value for your money.

To get 12 GB from glo, dial *127*54# 0r send “54” to 127 and make sure you have a balance of at least N3000 on your phone

3. Glo’s 10GB for 2500

With a reduction of N500 in the amount you are willing to spend, you lose 2GB. Well, considering the fact that 10GB for N2500 is still a lot, this will not be counted as a loss in anyway.

This plan is a monthly plan and is valid for exactly 30 days. It can be acquired only by glo users and is suitable for streaming and downloading.

Dial *127*58# or send “58” to 127. Ensure you have a balance of at least N2500.

4. Glo’s 7.5GB for N2000

If you look at it from the wrong perspective you would not exactly see the point in losing 2.5GB because of 500. I guess this is Glo’s way of trying to get users to spend more on data. However, let us look at it from a brighter perspective, with N2000, you have the privilege of having 7.5GB worth of data on your phone.

This is particularly great because you do not need to be a high earner to get this package.

To get 7.5 GB for N2000, simply  dial *127*55#.

5. Glo’s 3.5GB for N1000

It is not exactly my plan to make Glo dominate the top spots on this list. Glo data packages are top on this list because they are they have lived up to their title as the grand master of data.

With N1000, you can get 3.5 GB of data as a user of Glo. To make this happen, all you need to do have up to is have a balance of at least N1000 on your phone and then dial *127*53# or send 53 to127.

This data plan is valid for 30 days and can be renewed before it expires.

6. Glo’s 3GB for N500

As a user of the Glo network, you can obtain 3GB worth of data for just N500. However, unlike other data plans higher on this list, this data plan can only be made use of in the night. This is a good data plan for individuals that want to enjoy the benefits of making use of Glo but might not have good network in the day. If you fall in this category of people, you can opt for the 3GB for N500 glo night plan. This plan is great because of the reduction in the number of internet users at night.

This data plan is valid for 7 nights and functions between 12:00am and 5:00am. However, during weekends, it can be used for 24 hours.

To make use of this, dial *127*61#

7. Etisalat’s 5GB for N2000

This great data plan from Etisalat is valid during weekends and evenings. It can be used between 7:00pm an 6:59 am. However for weekends, it can be used for 24 hours. This data plan is a must get for individuals that might not have the time to be online in the day or might have no need for being online in the day.

This data plan is valid for 30 days and can be gotten by dialing *229*13#

8. Etisalat’s 2GB for N1000

If you are interested in the Etisalat night and weekend plan but have only N1000 to spare, then this data plan might just be the best for you.

It can be used between the hours of 7 in the evening and the 7 in the morning. During weekends, this data plan can be enjoyed for 24 hours.

To make use of this data plan, dial *229*812#. This data plan is valid for a month.

9. Etisalat N500 for 1GB weekend Plan

The Etisalat N500 for 1GB weekend plan is valid between 11:59 pm on Fridays and 11:59pm on Sundays. This data plan can be used by individuals that have access to the internet via Wi-Fi in the office or are usually very active during the week and might not have time to surf the internet.

The Etisalat N500 for 1GB data plan can be gotten by dialing *5995*2# from an Etisalat phone. Always ensure you have a balance of data least N500 before opting for this plan.

10. Airtel’s N300 Operamini plan

This data plan is valid for 30days and is only effective when used with operamini. This is a perfect data plan for students. It can be used for doing assignments and for surfing the internet.

To get access to this data plan, simply dial *885*1#.

This list is dominated by Glo because of the cheap rates Glo data bundles are sold for. Although Glo data bundles are not known to be the fastest, they are very useable and can be shared among several folks. These leads to a further decrease in the price of getting data.

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