Top 15 Best Event Halls in Lagos Nigeria

The city of Lagos is very well known for the daily hustles its residents go through. As a result of this daily hustle experienced by the average Lagosian, weekends have become perfect for partying. Parties are about the only way the average Lagosian rewards themselves for a stress filled week.

Due to this lifestyle, lots of event centers have evolved to meet the regular party needs of Lagosians . This event halls are ideal for various kind of events ranging from weddings to concerts.

The most popular and successful event halls in Lagos state are as follow;

Bespoke Event Centre

Bespoke event center is located at lekki peninsula. It is an event center designed to meet various needs such as birthdays, weddings, award nights and concerts. It is a fully air-conditioned hall and boasts of state of the art facilities.

This event center has a parking space for 300 cars and can accommodate 1200 people.

Panda Events Center

Situated at no 112, commercial, avenue, Sabo, Lagos, Panda event center is the perhaps the best event center located in Yaba, Lagos. It features a modern and luxurious structure, a fully air-conditioned hall and world class facilities. Panda event center is the perfect venue for any event situated around Yaba and its environs

Celebration Garden

This multipurpose event center is situated at 28B, Isaac John Street, Ikeja and is perfect for all manner of events. It has a carrying capacity of 600 for regular events and 400 for dinners. This event center is fully air-conditioned and offers ample parking space and security.

Stadplus Event Centre

Stadplus event center is located at 3 Karounwi Street, off Ijesha road, Itire, Surulere, Lagos. It is a multipurpose hall and is ideal for various events such as birthdays, weddings, conferences, retreats, etc.

Stadplus event center is a world class facility that can accommodate up to 1000 guests

Haven Event Center

This event center is a top notch event center located on the island and can be booked for N2.500000. It comes with wonderful facilities that will make your guests very comfortable. Some of them are a parking space for about 3000 vehicles, standby generator and an air-conditioned hall.

This event center has the capacity to accommodate 3500 guests for a conference and 1800 guests for a banquet event.

Landmark Event Centre

Landmark event center is located at plot 2& 3 water corporation road , Victoria Island, Lagos. It is the most prestigious and expensive event center save those situated in top notch hotels. Landmark event center has a parking space of about 1000 cars and a capacity of 2000 for regular events and 1500 for dinner banquets.

The price tag attached to this event center is 5 million.

Eko Hotel and Suites

This is the event center that plays host to some of the top notch events that take place in Lagos. The Eko hotel and suites event center is located in Victoria Island and possesses perfect lightings and sound for your event. The Eko hotel and suites event hall is one of the biggest in Lagos and in Nigeria. This event center has a capacity of 3000 people and can be booked for 9,000,000.

Oriental Hotel

Located on Lagos island, this event center is the second most prestigious in Lagos. It is one of the venues used for hosting concerts, award ceremonies and weddings.

To book the oriental hotel event center for 24 hours, an event planner should be willing to part with 5 million. Although, this might sound expensive to the average Nigerian, it offers value for this price.

Dorchester Event Center

Dorchester event center is located at water corporation road off Ligali Ayorinde Street. It is a fully air-conditioned hall and has a carrying capacity of 4,000 for regular events and 1, 500 for dinner events.

This event center offers a parking space for close to 1000 cars and can be booked for 24 hours for the price of 2,760,000.

Radson Blu Anchorage Hotel

Located on the island just like other event centers topping this list, Ranson Blu Anchorage Hotel Event center is perfect for very small and well packaged occasions. It has a capacity of a little over a hundred and a dinner capacity of about 57 persons.

This event center features stand by electricity, a fully air conditioned venue and guaranteed security.

Victoria Crown Hotel

Victoria Crown Hotel event center is not one of the most expensive. However, it is one of the best. It is located at 292 Ajaose Adeogun Street and has a capacity of 4000 for conferences and 250 for dinner events.

Victoria Crown Hotel event center can be booked for N1.4 million and comes with a guarantee for security.

Aquatic Hotels & Waterparks

Aquatic Hotels and water park event center is one of the most prestigious on Lagos mainland. It is located at31/37 Toyin Street Ikeja, Lagos. This event center has a capacity of2500 for conferences and 1500 for dinner events.

Aquatic hotels and water park event center is perfect for your weddings and conferences. It is booked for N1.5 million

Oceanview Restaurant

Oceanview restaurant is located at Ademola Adetokunbo Street, Victoria Island. It is one of the cheapest event centers located on the island. It is fully air conditioned and can be booked for N1 million

Anchor Events Place

Anchor event place is one of the most visited event places on Lagos mainland. It is located at registration close, Agidingbi, Ikeja, Lagos. It is fully air conditioned, and has the capacity to carry 1500 persons for regular events such as conferences and weddings. Also, for banquets, tis event center can handle a crowd of 1,000 people.

Anchor Event places can be booked for N950, 000.

Civic Center

Located at Ozumba-Mbadiwe Avenue,, Victoria Island, Lagos. Civic center is always open for use during the week as well as during weekends. During weekdays, this event center can be booked for N1, 800,000 and is booked for N2, 500,000 during weekends.

Civic center is arguably the most used event center on Lagos Island.

Other event centers worthy of being on this list are Balmoral and Classic both in Ikeja, Lagos. Gone are the days of renting canopies and fixing events during dry seasons. The presence of event halls in Lagos has made partying very easy and stress-free.

The quality of event center available to each individual is proportional to how much they are willing to part with.

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