Top 5 Best Laptop Brands to Buy in Nigeria

Buying a laptop in Nigeria not a very easy task. It comes with a lot of challenges. This is so because of the many laptop brands available in the Nigerian market. The Nigerian tech market is flooded with a lot of laptop brands, these brands are all targeted at various individuals. When the average Nigerian PC user goes to a store to get a laptop, way more 50% of them already have a brand in mind. Although the exact model to be bought might not be in the plan, the brand definitely is.

Over the years a particular set of laptop brands have maintained their positions as the leading brands in Nigeria. These laptop brands are Apple, Asus, Dell, HP, Acer, Lenovo, Samsung and Toshiba. Of these brands, five stand out as the best brands to buy in Nigeria. They include Apple, Dell, Asus, Lenovo and HP. These laptops have dominated the Nigerian tech market not necessarily because of their technical specifications but because they have been adapted to meet the needs of the everyday laptop user.

Some of the basic things an average Nigerian laptop user looks out for are battery strength, display and brightness.



Apple has been the best laptop brand in the Nigerian market for close to a decade. Some might attribute this to the cost of getting an Apple laptop. However, that is not exactly the case.

Beyond the price of a buyer would have to pay for an Apple laptop, there are quite a number of characteristics that make the Apple brand Nigeria’s leading laptop brand.

Topping the list of this characteristics is;


Every laptop enthusiast that has ever made use of an Apple laptop will admit that this laptop brand is perhaps one of the most innovative the world has seen. Other factors are its class, general quality and its very sleek and beautiful appearance. Apple laptops are also known to meet various needs such as entertainment and programming.


Dell XPS 15 Ultra book

Next on the list of best five laptops in Nigeria is Dell. Dell has maintained the position of second best laptop brand in Nigeria for almost 4 years. Its major competition for a long time was Compaq before it was acquired by Hewlett Packard. However, till date Dell continues to battle Lenovo laptops and HP laptops for a place in the Nigerian market.

Dell was founded by Michael Dell in 1984. It is one of the most popular and successful laptop brands in Nigeria. Dell laptops are known for their sturdiness, durability and ugly designs. Dell laptops” ugly designs are one thing lots of laptop users hold against this brand.

Notwithstanding, dell is still very loved by Nigerians especially those that might have to sit all day with a laptop.

If you need an efficient and powerful laptop with a good warranty and are running on a tight budget, Dell is the idea brand for you.

Some top quality Dell laptops available in Nigeria are Dell Rocket Inspiron 11 3000 Series, Dell Inspiron 11 3000 Convertible Series 2-IN-1 PC, Dell Inspiron 15 115RV- 10953BLK, etc.


Asus ROG G75VW

Asus is also known as Asutek Corporation limited. It is a Taiwanese product. Some years back, this laptop brand was much unknown by most Nigerian laptop users. However, it the last 3-5 years, Asus has become one of the best laptop brands in the Nigerian market.

Asus displaced HP from the position of the third best computer in Nigeria. This has led to a lot of comparisons between the two giant laptop brands with Asus coming out tops

Over the years, Asus has consistently released top quality laptops to suit the needs of the Nigerian market. This laptop brand has developed a particular attribute which makes it one of the best for the Nigerian market. This attribute is its cooling effect.


Lenovo Z51-70

Little do most Nigerian laptop users know that Lenovo is the world’s third largest personal computer company. Lenovo laptops might not be as popular as the other laptop brands on this list. However, in recent times, Lenovo laptops have become one of the best in Nigeria. They are mostly used by tech savvy individuals. This probably explains why they are not as popular as your average laptop brand.

The Lenovo laptop brand was birthed about three decades ago. However, it has not seen high level patronage in Nigeria for more than 5 years. This Chinese product used to be known as New Technology “Developer”, it later became known as “Legend”. Finally, Its name was changed to Lenovo in 2003.

One attestation to the top quality of Lenovo laptops is the fact that they are the major laptops used aboard space shuttles. This simply means they must have gone through a series of tests before being certified to be used aboard space shuttles.



HP was founded by two Stanford University graduates, William Hewlett and David Packard. They started this company with just $538 after they were encouraged by professor Terman to begin their own business. Since then, HP ha grown to be a major device in about 160 countries and used by over a billion people.

HP is an acronym for Hewlett Packard. Although most Nigerians do not know this, HP is still one of the most widely used computers in Nigeria at the moment. HP laptops are one of the most popular among Nigerian students. This is partly due to their beautiful designs and affordability. Although HP laptops are not exactly known to be very durable, the HP brand has lasted the test of time in Nigeria.

Some two to three years back, Hewlett Packard was perhaps the third best laptop in Nigeria. However, in recent times, this brand appears to have slowed down and has lost its position to more innovative brands such as Asus and Lenovo.

The fact that these laptops are considered the best laptop brands in Nigeria does not necessarily make them the best brands in the world. There are other laptop brands that have some wonderful attributes which might not be very valuable to the Nigerian PC user.

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