World News for Nigerians Today 30th January 2019

iDonsabi brings you world news today: Chinese Huawei Charged with Stealing U.S. T-mobile Secrets

and UAE Held a ‘Gender Balance’ Awards But Winners Were All Men. Continue reading iDonsabi for more news.

1. Court Freezes Accounts of Venezuela Opposition Leader Juan Guaido, Bans him from Traveling

Venezuela’s Supreme court has frozen the bank accounts of opposition leader Juan Guaido and also banned him from leaving the country.

The move was widely interpreted by Guaido’s supporters as an attempt by the government of Nicolas Maduro to mount pressure on the 35-year-old Juan Guaido.

Guaido had last week declared himself Venezuela’s interim president.

2. EU Refuses Renegotiation of Theresa May’s Brexit Deal

Theresa May is facing an almost one probability a no-deal Brexit after Brussels and Dublin totally rejected her plea to renegotiate UK’s ‘divorce’ agreement with the EU.

Prime Minister Theresa May had earlier won a Commons majority votes on Tuesday night to seek a renegotiation with the EU but the European Union and the Irish government declared they would not renegotiate the earlier Brexit Deal.

With this latest development by the EU, Britain is likely to crash out of the 27-nation bloc without any agreement.

3 Russia Offered North Korea Power Plant in Exchange for Nuclear Weapons

Russia reportedly made a secret offer to North Korea last year to dismantle its nuclear weapons programme in exchange for a nuclear power plant.

It was learnt that deal was proposed as a potential solution to an ongoing diplomatic standoff between the US and North Korea over North Korea’s nuclear and missile arsenal.

4. 2 killed in Grenade Attack on Philippine Mosque

Two people have been killed and at least four wounded in a grenade attack on a mosque in Zamboanga city, Philippines.

The attack occurred in the early hour of Wednesday morning (January 30)

This comes just two days after a twin bomb blasts rocked a Roman Catholic cathedral on Jolo Island, Philippines, leaving at least 20 dead and over 100 injured.

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All these attacks are coming following earlier reports that the Philippines president in a bid to win a war on drugs decided to lower criminal age from 15 years to 9 years in the country.

SEE: Philippines President Rodrigo Plans to Jail 9 Year Olds.

5. 75% of Tunisian Youth Reluctant to Participate in 2019 Elections

The Vice President of the League of Tunisian Women Voters, Torkiya Bin Khidhr revealed that 75% of Tunisian youth and women do not want to participate in parliamentary and presidential elections scheduled for October and December 2019.

Khidhr attributed the reluctance for political participation by the Tunisian youths to their disappointment with political parties that did not implement their electoral programs.

Other independent Observers of the country’s electoral process also said the reluctance of Tunisian youth is like a penalization for the political class for ignoring their demands.

Tunisian parliamentary and legislative elections are scheduled to hold in October and December 2019.

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5. Venezuela’s Opposition Leader, Juan Guaido Orders More Protests

The opposition leader, Juan Guaido has called for demonstrations to be held in every corner of Venezuela and around the world as tensions grow.

Venezuelan opposition leader called on people to protest in the streets to challenge President Nicolas Maduro’s legitimacy as the country’s leader.

Guaido in a live broadcast, urged the people of Venezuela to participate in two rallies planned for Wednesday and Friday this week.

The self-declared president asked British authorities to stop Maduro from accessing gold reserves held in the Bank of England.

6. British Tennis Star Andy Murray Undergoes Hip Surgery in London

British Tennis star Andy Murray has undergone a hip surgery in an attempt to save his tennis career.

Murray now has a metal cap in place at the top of his femur.

Murray hopes it would give him a chance to play again as he looks forward to make a return in Wimbledon which is exactly five months away.

Former American tennis star, Bob Bryan is the only world-class tennis star who returned to play after this surgery.  Andy Murray will hope to do likewise.

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7. UAE Held a ‘Gender Balance’ Awards But Winners Were All Men

The United Arab Emirates has left people even more confused as an award on gender balance held in the country had only male winners.

The UAE Vice President and Prime minister, Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum had earlier boasted on the country’s “significant progress” on gender equality.

But during the recently held Gender Balance Awards, he handed out awards for promoting equal opportunity to men. Many did not see that as a balance as all winners were men.

8. China Tests ‘Guam Killer’ Missile amidst Growing US Tension

China has tested a missile known as the ‘Guam killer’ missile.

The Guam Killer missile has about 4,500km range.

A video released by China’s state media shows the missile being launched during a military exercise in northwest China.

This is coming amidst growing US tension. China and US relationship have not been very good following the US filed criminal charges against a Chinese tech giant, Huawei.

The US had also accused China of stealing American technology and breaking some sanctions against Iran.

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9. Missing 3 Years Old Boy Hung Out With Bear for Two Days

Casey Hathaway was found safe and well after sparking a massive search and rescue operation in North Carolina.

The three year old who went missing for two days, on return told his family he “hung out with a bear” in the woods.

According to local reports, Casey Hathaway was found by professional search and rescue teams near Cayton in North Carolina on Thursday.

10. Chinese Huawei Charged with Stealing U.S. T-mobile Secrets

Huawei has been charged in the US with stealing trade secrets from T-Mobile.

T- Mobile accused the Chinese tech giant, Huawei of stealing its designs for a robotic hand used to test new smart phone devices.

The company’s Chief Financial Officer, Meng Wanzhou is also been accused of misleading US banks about business deals Huawei has in Iran.

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