Xenophobia: Most Nigerian Banks Combined Can’t Match One Big South African Bank in Revenue, Says Movie Director

  • Akinmolayan says African giant tag is falancy.
  • Olaoye says revolution looming.

Movie Director, Niyi Akinmolayan has stated that Nigerians is grossly overestimated as most of our banks combined can’t match one big SA bank in revenue.

Niyi who is also a producer in a reaction to attack Shoprite Mall in Jakande yesterday by some mob protesting the killings of Nigerians in South Africa lamented that the poverty level in the country is trivialised, adding that being referred to as the giant of Africa is just a fancy one.

“Our wealth as a nation is grossly overestimated. Most of our banks combined can’t match one big SA bank in revenue. Our poverty is shockingly trivialized. Giant is a fancy word. Politicians check twitter to hear the voices of the masses…from the comfort of their homes…abroad.”

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The director of Wedding Party two, who took to his social media page to bare his mind on the renewed attacks on Nigerians and the business in Johannesburg added that looters and area boys can enter anywhere if they want to.

“‪If Shoprite was in the middle of Banana Island, area boys and looters will still enter, cause chaos and damage and the police won’t be able to protect anyone. This is how poor people are. This is reality. They won’t attack politicians…they will attack the rich. It’s inevitable,” he added.

Another famous director, Tunde Olaoye lent his voice to the incident saying that he is kind of revolution that might later happen in the country as many innocent rich people might fall victim.

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“That’s the kind of revolution that we may eventually have, one that many innocent rich people will be casualties. The poor man is angry at the unequal distribution of wealth more than he is angry with the government and fails to realize that it is not the rich man’s fault but lack of good government policies.’

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