“You’re A Disgrace” – LGBT Activist Bisi Alimi Blasts Simi

LGTBQ right activist, Bisi Alimi has slammed Simi after she spoke against racism and violence on Blacks while she once condemned homosexuality.

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Following the tragic death of George Floyd, an African American man who died after a cop knelt on his neck, Simi tweeted;

And we have our own people killing us in the streets and it has become so normal now. It’s almost more abhorrent. As fucked as it is, it is one thing for people to be intimidated by and hate you for being different, but how do you not value someone the exact same as you?”

Reacting to this, Bisi Alimi called her a hypocrite referencing how she on her Youtube series: Stoopid Sessions, she once called homosexuality, “abnormal.”

He wrote;

There is a name you call the #Nigeria middle/upper class elites that sympathise with abroad blackness but promote local homophobic violence against there own #LGBT; hypocrites. The @SympLySimi of this world. You are a disgrace.”

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