20 Valentine Gifts for Him This 2020

So it’s lovers’ day celebration in a few days from now, and the scramble for reservations and gifts will soon begin. It is common knowledge that most ladies don’t give valentine gifts as much as the guys. It is also common knowledge that it can be difficult to getting worthwhile gifts for men. So, probably that’s why women rarely get men gifts, apart from the regular handkerchiefs. If you’re really looking to impress your man, or show him how much you love him with your gifts here are some valentine gift ideas to get him grinning.

Set of Boxers and Singletboxer shorts

Not all men will be comfortable with a lady getting them under clothes. However if two have been going out for a while, then this will be good gift to get.

Docking Stations

This wooden contraption is a great organisational tool. It comes with space for Tab, phones, keys, cables and even wallet and other important stuff. If your man seems disorganised, this will be a very helpful gift

Phone Screen Projector

This is especially a cool gadget; with this device you can watch your movies cinema style, directly from your phone. Men love gadgets, so you are sure to score some points with this one.


For the man who likes grill meat you can never go wrong with a set of grilling tools. They don’t have to be so lovely, they should however be durable.

Cool Timepiecewristwatch

Men love wristwatches and they go to great lengths to get good ones. Get your man an elegant timepiece and whenever he looks at it, he’ll remember you.

Shave Set

If your man loves to keep a clean shaven face or shave himself, then this is going to be a great gift.  Usually shave sets contains razors, scissors, mugs, shaving cream and brush.

Bottle of Wine

For the guy who loves wine, you can get him a bottle of his favourite wine or a bottle of champagne. No one can say no to a bottle of champagne, and wines are a staple for the season, so it’s a win/win situation.


One thing every man needs in his wardrobe is nice smelling cologne. Get him something that smells great and you will score major points with him.

Newsletter Subscription

Men love their newsletter just as women love their fashion and gossip magazines. Depending on what your man reads you can get him a six months subscription of his favourite newsletter.

Online Course subscription

Everyone wants to get better, and when you contribute to that it shows you are interested in the progress of the person. So give a course or two to your man and watch him rate you more highly.

pocket knifePocket Knife

Every man needs a pocket knife, because it can serve multiple purposes. It can serve as a screwdriver, defence tool and so many miscellaneous needs. When it comes to functionality and aesthetics a pocket knife it is.


Fun Socks

Men can be bland with their colour choices sometimes, especially for busy executives. So a set of beautifully patterned socks can add a bit of colour to their dressing.

Beard Kit

For the “beard gang” guy, this is a great gift. It contains oils and other tools for grooming.

Pocket Watch

Pocket watches are in a way relics of older times. Some men describe themselves as classic men, if your man is one of those he would appreciate this gift.

Fountain pensfountain pen

A pen is an important stationery, and a beautiful fountain pen does serve two purposes. It works as a writing tool and as a decorative piece, especially in a suit pocket.

Slim leather Wallet

A wallet is not only a contraption for keeping money, but it is also a fashion statement. Upgrade your man’s status by getting him a good leather wallet. Making sure it is slim will prevent the bulging which is often seen in men’s trousers.

Back pack

Back packs are multipurpose bags, they are good for work and travel. Getting him a backpack will always give him an option for keeping his stuff when he wants to move around, and backpacks are also cool too.

Music Album

This kind of gifts is great no matter the level at which your relationship is. It would only make sense if this guy loves music though. An old album of an artist he loves will be great.


Phone Printer

With this you can easily print you and bae’s pictures directly from a phone without needing a PC or deskjet printer. For the guy who’s a photo freak, this is a good gift.

jersey Customized Sports Jerseys

If your man loves sports you can get him that of his favourite team and customize his name, or nickname on the shirt.


One thing to consider when getting when getting men gifts is that the gift has to be functional, irrespective of the aesthetics involved. At least most of the time, if you follow this rule, then you’d almost never go wrong.

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