35 Stunning Box Braids Styles To Slay

Box braids, very similar to knotless braids, are one of the popular protective hair styling options for women. Everyone likes box braids because they can be worn in countless styles with or without hair extensions and they work great for those with hair that’s either natural or chemically straightened. Box braids are incredibly stylish and easy to maintain. Today, we see celebrities proudly rocking them everywhere from the red carpet to magazine photoshoots.

Whether you’re a long term box braid wearer looking to jazz up your mane or you’re new to the world of box braids, check out our inspiration gallery of stunning box braids to slay in 2020.

short box braids

Chic braided bob

Why not do a throwback to the decade with this hairstyle? Chic look is seriously stylish and will instantly add a dose of attitude to any outfit.

chunky twists

Consider opting for statement-making jumbo box braids with colourful ropes?

Add few gold cuffs to spice up your braids effortlessly

two layer braids

For a look that’s all yes, I’m going out. Try this eye-catching ombre box braids bun

Pink Braids

Why not try ombre braids? This is one of the hottest colour trends at the moment.

chunky braids

Neat and flattering box braids

neat braids

With long braids as smooth as these, all you need do is flaunt it. Whip hair either sides for sexy style.

Feed in braids

Curly box braids

Want an elegant and feminine look? Consider rocking curly box braids.

Bohemian Knotless Braids

Long curly braids for classy look.

long bob braids

Forget about natural hair colour for a while. Braid your hair in a fun way by making use of highlights in golden blonde and brown.

crazy braids

Funky and modern.

Tired of boring hairstyles? Switch up your personality with this.

colored braids

Highlights in red, black and silver are braided into individual strands for a big dose of personality.

Goddess braids

Box braids ponytail

Chic and easy look

gypsy braids

Curly braids are totally on point.

box braid and side weaving

Box braids hanging loosely

accessorized braids

Want to make some hair statement? Box braids with rope-like strands will do the magic. Cowry shells are not left out too.

braids with beads

Flaunt that hot look

protective box braid

Do you want to lighten up your look? Go blondie!

blonde braid

Revel in that cool moment with some sleek box braids

neat attachment hair

You don’t want to go blonde? Brown braids will give your hair a lighter look.

large box braids

Style your braids as you want

Ombré braids

Box braids half updo

Fun and trendy way to wear your braids

Medium Knotless BoxBraids

Swirl your braids backward to give a stylish look

colour 30 and 33 attachment

Black and blonde box braids to create a gorgeous contrast of tones.

color 33 hair

Medium size box braids. Don’t forget to wear a smile while rocking this.

knotless braid

Long box braids

rainbow hair

For that sassy, modern and urban vibe, try multi-coloured braids. She’s a plethora of colours.

color 33 hairstyle
simple box braid

Box braids twirled round to create a high bun and side pony

Beautiful and classy

box braid inspo

Big twists

multi color box braids

High half-up bun with box braids

Fierce and sassy look


Glow with box braids with rope like strands hanging loosely


Jumbo box braids

Beautiful and versatile way to wear your hair.


Red box braids

Another statement style!

stunning box braids

Look cute and chic in box braids

chunky kinky braid

Twisted braids adorned with cowry shells


box braid 2020

Smile effortlessly in highlighted box braids

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