“All I See Is Jobless Nigerian Youths Saying Trash” – Mompha Slams Those Who Criticized Him For Visiting Adeherself

On Monday, August 1, Instagram “Big Boy”, Hushpuppi visited Adeherself and many Nigerians soon started to give opinions about the situation.

Adeherself was recently released on bail from EFCC custody after being arrested over alleged fraud. Mompha was also arraigned in 2019 over different counts of alleged fraud and money laundering. He was also released on bail.

The video of Mompha visiting herself generated a lot of reactions, criticism and memes.

Reacting to the situation, Mompha wrote in an Instagram post

Nigerians online are quicker to judge you for whatever allegation leveled against you without finding out the truth 😡 This beautiful young soul @adeherself has been accused of an offence which is not even strong enough to call her a criminal seeing comments on blogs yesterday just because i visited her just to calm her down and encourage her about trials of life.

”All i see is Jobless nigerian youths saying trash Just because you dont knw what @adeherself has pass through 🙏🏿 Stay Strong Beautiful Angel @adeherself You will be fine Soon God Bless ❤️❤️❤️

Adeherself Mompha

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