Days After Using Bible As Ashtray, Etinosa Demands For A Quran

Actress Etinosa demands for Quran days after she posted a video of her using the Bible as an ashtray.

Some days ago, the actress on her live video posted herself using a Bible as an ashtray as she smoked. This was after she ruled Proverbs 22:6 a scam.

Read >>>Proverbs 22:6 Is A Scam” – Etinosa Says As She Used Bible As Ashtray

Afterwards, a man dared her to use the Quran like she did the Bible and she responded; “Give me a Quran and I will mess it up in two seconds. Who the f-ck do you think you are to threaten me with a textbook named a Quran or Bible? Are you mad? Are you a bastard?”


She later wrote that she needs to be paid to use the Quran because she can’t “be giving you guys free show. Pay me and I will do it. 2 seconds.”

Read her post below;


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