Election Postponement: NLC calls for two or three days holiday

– NLC have called on the FG to declare two or three days public holiday to let workers be able to prepare to vote at the reschedule date

– The Labour Union also called on INEC not to allow the postponement of election happen again

According to a report, the Nigerian Labour Congress NLC has also reacted to the postponed 2019 General Election by the Independent National Electoral Commission INEC.

The report made it known that the President of NLC, Aliyu Wabba in a statement expressed his surprised at the postponement of the 2019 Presidential Election.

He however, noted that many Nigerian workers would have been disenfranchised if the election had taken place as INEC disclosed it was having issues with logistics.

The Nigerian Labour union president also reached out to Nigerian workers, who travelled long distance to participate in the Presidential election as he called on the workers to remain focused.

Mr. Aliyu Wabba, who was recently elected as the president of the NLC for another term called on the Federal Government to announce two or three days holiday to let Nigerian workers prepare ahead of the rescheduled 2019 Presidential Election Slated to take place this Saturday, 23rd of February.

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Below is an extract from the statement made by the NLC President

Let them not be disillusioned or react to this postponement in a manner that will create voter-apathy. This will certainly be counterproductive and will in the long run work against the interests of the electorate.’

“We call on institutions to be flexible with their staff to enable them travel in good time to perform this important civic duty even if it means government declaring a day or two public holiday to achieve this.”

The NLC President also called on INEC not to let the postponement of election happen again.

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