How to Make Nigerian Ofe Nsala Soup

Ofe nsala soup is an eastern Nigeria soup. The soup is also consumed by the southern part of Nigeria and is very easy to cook. It is worthy of note that the soup is among the very few that (often) does not require palm oil.

Ofe Nsala can be cooked with chicken, beef, goat meat or with fresh catfish depending on your preference. Some believe, it is better with beef and a few people argue it’s sweeter with goat meat; that is a matter of choice.

However for health sake, you might want to consider  the goat meat or fresh fish option.

Ingredients for Ofe Nsala

Goat meat (1kg)

1 teaspoon of chopped Habanero pepper

1handful Utazi

2 Small Yam slices

4 teaspoonful Pepper Soup Spice

2 teaspoon of Crayfish

1 kg Goat Meat

1/2 Sliced Onion

1 teaspoon of Salt

2 Maggi Cubes

4 Cups Water

1/2 teaspoon of Dry Blended Pepper

Steps for Making Ofe Nsala

Begin by cooking the goat meat with salt, onion, and maggi cube until it becomes soft. Add the 2 yam slices and leave to cook alongside  the meat until it becomes soft.

After this, put in the pepper soup spice,dry blended pepper, the chopped habanero pepper, with some crayfish. While cooking the meat, pick out the soft yam slices and transfer into a blender. Pour some water to the yam and blend until it becomes smooth.

Now pour the blended yam into the soup. The amount of the blended yam you pour will be determined by how thick you want the soup to be.

Pour in additional water and cook the soup for about  15 minutes more while you stir it from time to time.

Add sliced Utazi leaves with additional crayfish to the soup and leave it to simmer for about 5 minutes. Then your Ofe Nsala Soup is ready for consumption. It goes with any swallow such as pounded yam, Santana (fufu), garri (eba) etc. Just enjoy your ofe nsala with any swallow of choice!

Image Source: Mariellas Menu


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