I Pray They Arrest You All – Georgina Onuoha to “Slay Queens and Slay Thieves”

US based Nollywood actress, Georgina Onuoha took a swipe at “Slay Queens and Slay Thieves” as she revealed FBI is monitoring them on social media as they live lavishly.

This was triggered by the news of the 77 Nigerians arrested by FBI for fraud. She also prayed for the arrest or people who live lavishly without a genuine source of income.

Read Her Post Below:

“Life on the fast lane.

“Note to all the Slay Queens/Slay thieves: As you display your ill gotten wealth on social media, just remember that Uncle FBI is keeping a tab on you. So please continue ??. As you fly around Europe and the globe, just remember they The the information of your grant grandma village is with the US government. Your next door neighbor even in your village might just be an under cover agent tracking you. So please continue and we pray they arrest you all and house clean our society.

“To every hand working man or woman in Nigeria and diaspora, you labor is valid. Keep doing your best.. There is dignity in hard labor. You can go to bed at night and sleep well.

“I weep for the moral depression consuming our society. The quest to show off, flaunt childish nonsense and impress miscreants leads you no where other than shame and pain.

“To all the Slay Queens and Slay thieves living beyond tyour means and putting our impressionable youths under pressure, your day of reckoning is at hand. Interpol is watching. Continue your shameless thievery. We now live in a society where mothers don’t question their sons and daughters about their sudden wealth, a society where women don’t ask their spouses what they do?

“Children can’t speak to the conscience of their parents, pastors preach prosperity and not salvation from their pulpit, Politicians embezzle funds meant to develop their communities and uplift their next generation, a society where teenage girls marry their ancestors because of riches. The moral decadence ravaging our country is palpable.

“If your joy is to take a clandestine approach to defraud innocent people, so shall clandestine measures be used to apprehend you. God bless all giving their utmost best to live a decent life. Integrity over money any day.”

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